I’m writing about the December 2015 article titled “Working in Harmony: Practical tips for helping pest control and canine detection companies work in concert.” This is a very funny title considering the words that are written in the article. See the first paragraph on page 116: “…it is a conflict of interest to be the company that both finds and fixes a problem...” These words are designed to drive a wedge down the middle of the scent detection and pest control industries.

For three decades, I have inspected for various pest control issues, I develop a plan to solve these issues, and often follow through with servicing and solving the issues. This is much the same way my plumber, doctor, auto mechanic and attorney work.

I first heard this rhetoric a few years ago when NPMA ran a canine program. A young woman spoke at that meeting using the same words that were in this article. This is nothing more than someone coaching newer canine handlers and telling them this is a way to gain some new business.

I am a 30+ year veteran of our pest control industry, I have a scent detection canine and our company proposes service plans on what we believe is best for our customers. To have a very small group of outsiders jump on the bed bug gold rush bandwagon, by buying a dog and then have the opportunity using your magazine to criticize the way our industry has been and continues doing business, is in my opinion irresponsible.

I don’t understand why you have chosen to use this fairly newcomer to our industry to have his say in your magazine when there are other groups with years of experience in the pest control and scent detection industries that you could have asked for input, including the NPMA scent detection canine committee, WDDO or NESDCA.

Thank you for your great work and magazine.

Galvin Murphy, ACE PresidentYankee Pest Control

Malden, Mass.