Doug Wyly, Business Development Manager, Veseris
1. Why does inventory management matter?

A key part of inventory management for PMPs is having the right amount of product on hand. If you order too little, you risk running out and disrupting production. If you over-purchase, you tie up money sitting on the floor doing nothing for the business. That’s why software like Inventory Manager is specifically designed to help PMPs quickly balance inventory levels with production demand for a user’s business.

2. What are the benefits of having balanced inventory vs. excess supply?

The main benefit is freeing up working capital by keeping excess inventory off the floor. This will help to free up funding for investment in other areas of your business that will provide a return and help facilitate meeting financial goals.

3. What makes Inventory Manager by Veseris better than traditional inventory management?

Inventory Manager gives management visibility into — and employee accountability for — all inventory activities in your business. You can control which products are approved for use, and what the per-product maximum stock should be for any branch or truck. You can set stock minimums that automatically trigger a restocking order.

Everything is automated after setup, which frees up employees and cuts expensive labor costs. We covered more in our second episode of the PestWeb Podcast here:

4. If I’m a small company, why should I care about inventory management software?

The best time to establish disciplined inventory practices is when your company is young. When you have grown into a large company, inventory issues are overwhelming, and making changes takes more effort. Starting early allows you to establish a culture of awareness with field staff to drive ideal behaviors. That means aligning inventory purchases and tech use to material and supply budgets, and production demand.

5. How difficult is it to get onboarded with Inventory Manager?

It’s easy! First, you schedule a software demo at If you like it, you simply tell Inventory Manager your preferred stock levels per product. That’s it. From there, the system automatically manages inventory across your branches and trucks.

Most companies are set up and trained in just one day, and go live the following day. And every customer gets cost-free support and setup assistance from Veseris.