The pest control industry owes much of its recent growth and expansion to the bed bug market, which is an increasingly important economic driver for PMPs throughout North America. In fact, 82 percent of pest control companies now offer bed bug services, according to the 2019 PCT State of the Bed Bug Market report, sponsored by Zoëcon. And 61 percent of PCT’s survey respondents said bed bug services have become a more significant part of their business in the past five years.

Despite its impressive growth, however, the market is changing. PMPs are constantly testing new treatment protocols and clients are struggling with the economic burden of repeat treatments as bed bugs are re-introduced to their accounts, creating additional challenges for the industry.

If you’re currently involved in the bed bug market or are thinking about adding this service to your company’s offerings, you won’t want to miss PCT’s Virtual Bed Bug Conference on Wednesday, May 13, featuring high-profile speakers from business and academia.

Sessions and speakers include:

  • Proactive Bed Bug Control in Commercial Accounts. Speaker: Jeremiah Riopel, multi-housing director, Plunkett’s Pest Control, Fridley, Minn.
  • How to Sell Bed Bug Work Profitably. Speaker: Brandon Gile, director of sales and marketing, Platinum Pest Solutions, Lansing, Ill.
  • Lessons Learned in the Bed Bug Trenches. Speaker: Judy Black, vice president of quality assurance and technical services, Rollins Inc., Atlanta, Ga.
  • 10 Top Tips from An International Bed Bug Expert. Speaker: Stephen Doggett, manager and senior hospital scientist, Department of Medical Entomology, Westmead Hospital, Westmead NSW, Australia
  • Marketing & Educational Resources. Speaker: Dan Moreland, publisher, PCT Magazine, Cleveland, Ohio