Although ants are annoying, you have to hand it to them for being a persistent part of our lives — and of your businesses. The pest management professionals (PMPs) surveyed for this State of the Ant Market report confirm this trend; compared to last year, 98% of them expect their company’s revenue from ant control services to remain steady or increase this year.

This is just one of the many findings that show how impactful ant control is for our industry. For instance, PMPs ranked carpenter ants and odorous house ants as some of the most challenging species to control, driving home the importance of staying informed about current and future ant market developments.

Syngenta is proud to once again sponsor the 2020 State of the Ant Market report with PCT magazine. On the following pages, you’ll get the latest ant control updates from PMPs around the country, including trends on revenue, callbacks and control methods. We’re certain these results will bring you valuable insights for how to enhance your business’s ant control services.

At Syngenta, we’re committed to helping you achieve your ant control goals. Our proven solutions were developed with your needs in mind to manage ants across a variety of accounts and situations:

  • Advion® Ant and Optigard® Ant gel baits, two of the leading ant baits in the industry, are highly palatable to all major ant species — including sweet feeders
  • Advion WDG, Demand® CS, Optigard Flex and Tandem® insecticides are residual, sprayable products that can be used for preventive maintenance and large-colony ant control
  • NEW: Advion Insect granular bait, which will be launching to the market in the late spring, features a highly attractive bait matrix that is very effective against ants and ideal for areas that can’t be sprayed, like large mulch beds

Ants may be stubborn, but our industry won’t back down from the challenge. We’re privileged to support your mission to provide ant-free environments for your customers.

Eric Paysen

Eric Paysen

Technical Services Manager

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

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