Bell Laboratories

Bell Labs’ fastest acting rodenticide is now available to PMPs in a new form: Fastrac Soft Bait.

Bell says its Fastrac Soft Bait offers the palatability and acceptance of Bell’s Fastrac Blox bromethalin rodenticide, now in a unique oil-based formulation with a precise balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. Fastrac Soft Bait is also designed to withstand almost any climate, the company says. In cold climates, the bait won’t freeze and when temperatures and humidity rise, Fastrac Soft Bait is both mold- and heat-resistant.

The fast-acting bromethalin active ingredient paired with the palatability of Bell’s proprietary soft bait formulation will help PMPs knock down rodent infestations at accounts quickly, the company says. Technicians will use less bait versus anticoagulants and see faster results, as rodents can consume a lethal dose in a single night’s feeding, which reduces the amount of bait required to achieve control.

Fastrac Soft Bait is available in a 4-pound pail size. This new Soft Bait pail is clearly differentiated from all other Bell Laboratories pails with a purple lid for ease of identification by distributors and PMPs. Fastrac Soft Bait is available in 8-gram sachets with a minimum mouse placement of one sachet and a minimum rat placement of four sachets.



The Bayer Pest Management & Public Health business announced its next generation of the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System (RMS). This latest release includes several system enhancements including a smaller, sleeker sensor design that allows it to fit in multiple bait stations as well as features that make the system compatible with outdoor environments, the company says.

The Bayer Rodent Monitoring System provides PMPs and their customers with 24/7 monitoring, capture alerts and up-to-the minute program verification, freeing up time to enhance focus on broader IPM inspections of facilities, the company says. While the legacy system has predominantly been used in indoor environments, the new system includes the following upgrades that enable both indoor and outdoor use:

  • Water-resistant sensor
  • New gasket technology that protects against water
  • Sensor status LEDs that shine through translucent gasket material, allowing easy status visibility, even in bright daylight
  • The ability to create activity heat maps showing areas of exterior rodent pressure.

The upgraded system now can count bait station activity as an alternative to immediate alerts. The new system can be used in exterior bait stations and snap traps in two ways: 1. Count rat activity. In this mode, triggers are collected and reported at a specific interval instead of receiving immediate alerts. This enables the PMP to better identify trend activity and rodent pressure at specific locations as well as estimate bait consumption. 2. Receive immediate alerts. In this mode, sensors are retrofitted to snap traps and capture alerts are immediately sent upon a snap or capture. This flexibility is ideal when baiting is not desired.


Insects Limited

Insects Limited recently released its 20-page New Product Guide. The company’s president, Pat Kelley, said, “We are excited to bring out this new catalog that showcases some of the new and innovative products that we have recently released along with outlining our full line of pheromones and trapping systems for a wide variety of stored product pests.” The fully illustrated booklet can be viewed as a hard copy, online at or as a PDF.


Wildlife Control Supplies/RodeXit

Wildlife Control Supplies of East Granby, Conn., recently announced it would serve as a distributor of RodeXit. RodeXit, a Danish-based company, offers rodent-resistant door sweeps and exclusion strips. RodeXit says its products are high-quality rodent proofing tools; they are easy to install, transport and store; save labor and time; and are durable and cost effective.