Adding to its portfolio of solutions for cockroach control, Syngenta has launched Advion Evolution and Optigard Cockroach Gel Baits. These products offer pest management professionals (PMPs) advanced cockroach control with enhanced bait matrices and differentiated active ingredients (a.i.).

Advion Evolution features the proven performance of indoxacarb, the same a.i. found in Advion Cockroach. It offers an enhanced bait matrix that is highly attractive to cockroaches, which results in increased feeding in even the toughest-to-control accounts, the company reports.

Optigard Cockroach features a unique a.i., emamectin benzoate, which affects cockroaches at two different target sites. This helps provide another critical tool to effectively control cockroaches, all while following good resistance management practices, according to Syngenta. Its unique a.i. and formulation also make it an ideal partner for Advion Evolution and Advion Cockroach as part of a year-long cockroach control strategy to control a wide range of cockroach species.


BASF announces the release of Fendona CS controlled release insecticide, a broadly effective new perimeter pest solution that the manufacturer says produces faster results and fewer callbacks. The result of a real breakthrough in research and technology, Fendona CS insecticide is specifically designed to help pest management professionals (PMPs) beat tough-to-control spiders, scorpions and mosquitoes, as well as everyday perimeter pests like ants and beetles, and occasional invaders like earwigs and pillbugs. Labeled for more than 60 pests and a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, BASF reports that new Fendona CS insecticide outperformed competitive products in trials, reducing callback rates, lowering labor and material costs, and increasing the satisfaction of customers and PMPs alike.

Two innovations, BASF reports, differentiate Fendona CS insecticide: a purified active ingredient called alpha-cypermethrin that’s four times more active than regular cypermethrin, and an advanced encapsulation technology that produces smaller and many more capsules, and facilitates diffusion of the active ingredient from inside the capsule into the lipophilic cuticles of arthropod pests.

The unique encapsulation offers other benefits as well. It can reduce paresthesia; the skin irritation technicians can experience when handling pyrethroids, BASF said. It protects the active ingredient from rain and the sun’s UV rays for greater durability. It also does not absorb into porous surfaces, which increases its residual.

STUCK Brands

STUCK Brands recently introduced non-toxic indoor and outdoor mosquito traps featuring highly intelligent design. “Our patented sticky screen technology is what captures and kills the gravid mosquito and any deposited eggs,” says Joseph DiMeo, owner and president. Female mosquitoes, searching for a water source to drop their eggs in or near, land on the sticky screen, rendering them immobile. Male and non-gravid females find the trap shape and moisture content attractive as well, resulting in the same fate for the insects.

STUCK researchers began their design process over three years ago to attract Aedes aegypti (container-breeding) mosquitoes that carry diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

A patented double and staggered screen allows free flow of water molecules from the trap opening, the company says. Once trapped, the screen provides blocking to prevent the insect vectors’ eggs from dropping into the water of the vessel reservoir below. The application of glue on both sides of the screen prevents mosquitoes and their eggs from getting beyond the surface screen.

Why interrupt the reproductive cycle of the mosquito? To fight off the spread of infectious diseases and prevent the gravid female from reproducing. “Thwarting the Aedes aegypti vector is a global responsibility,” DiMeo says. “STUCK is proud to deploy a weapon for improvement of the arsenal to protect human life against dangerous mosquitoes and insect vectors.”


Bayer announced the launch of its Maxforce Roach Control System Digital Toolkit. This online tool puts roach identification, treatment plans, rotation information and more at the fingertips of PMPs, and is accessible from any Web browser on iPad, desktop and mobile devices.

This toolkit was designed to help educate service technicians on rotational strategies and best-in-class baiting protocols. It features a roach identification module, an interactive bait placement guide for commercial and residential spaces, product selection and rotation basics, and a resource library. It also can aid in customer education by helping PCOs explain roach behavior and treatment strategies to secure repeat business, among other uses.

“This toolkit is a first-of-its-kind in the roach space that keeps the needs of the PCO top-of-mind,” said Kristen Fielding, product manager for baits and termites. “It offers PCOs a convenient way to find product information and train technicians on the importance of rotation and the proper protocol.”

J.F. Oakes

The Pro-Pest R.T.U. Cockroach & Crawling Insect Trap is pre-baited with a cockroach and insect attractant that is food grade, making this trap free of pesticides. Instructions are printed on the trap, in both English and Spanish.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is introducing a new PMP monitoring system called the Santa Fe Sentry. The new system connects a series of remote sensors located in a customer’s crawlspace or basement to a smart phone app that will allow PMPs to monitor for conditions such as humidity, water leaks and temperature that can create an ideal environment for pests, mold and poor indoor air quality.

This system will allow PMPs to provide reports that show customers how conditions in their crawlspace can create an environment that is harmful to both their home’s structure and their health, and help the PMP differentiate their services from the competition, while building a case for crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing services.

The system utilizes the customer’s Wi-Fi signals for continuous monitoring of hundreds of locations from any Apple or Android smart phone. Santa Fe Sentry allows the PMP to respond to issues as part of their normal service schedule, unless conditions require immediate attention, the company says.


As an added benefit to the Azuga Maintenance module, which alerts businesses about service demands before issues arise, Azuga recently launched the Azuga Deals add-on, which automatically pulls local coupons related to the parts and preventative services needed per vehicle. According to Azuga, this new functionality can help businesses save $100-plus every year per vehicle on parts, services and repairs — an added bonus to the hundreds of dollars already being saved by performing preventative maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime caused by parts failures.