Terro Fruit Fly Traps are now available from Woodstream in an economical, professional bulk pack containing 12 traps and lures (item# T2512). These apple- shaped traps have a new design for increased fruit fly interaction and performance, according to Woodstream. Traps containing the proprietary food-based, non-toxic, non-staining lure can be placed anywhere fruit fly activity is seen, including bars, restaurants, wineries and kitchen areas. Once flies enter the trap they cannot escape, the manufacturer reports. Each trap lasts 45 days and features several see-through windows to easily monitor catch activity. Visit Woodstreampro.com or contact your Woodstream products distributor.


Buzz Duster www.buzzduster.com Buzz Duster is a sleek, commercial grade, telescoping dusting pole for the elimination of flying insect pests. PMPs can use Buzz Duster to eliminate nuisance flying insects at a distance they prefer. The pole has a 20-foot reach and comes with multiple attachments. Buzz Duster is available through Univar. Learn more at www.buzzduster.com.




PestRoutes announced the expansion of the PestRoutes platform to include features that assist pest control companies servicing commercial customers. PestRoutes’ software provides commercial customers with the information to be audit-ready at all times. Enhanced features include the ability to define structures, record activities and observations, and manage compliance on specific locations for commercial properties; report and transmit on all conditions for substructures, designate and report condition types, and transmit notes and recommendations via mobile, with or without connectivity; send in-depth commercial property notifications, delivered within a branded customer portal; and provide automated conditions and pest activity reporting for customers. For more information, visit www.pestroutes.com.


OvoControl P


OvoControl P, “birth control” for pigeons, is now available through distribution in Mexico. “Just as in the U.S. market, many commercial sites and communities in Mexico are plagued with pigeons,” explained Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics, maker of OvoControl. “More than anything, as the popularity of the product has grown, requests for the product have also increased from Mexico.” ECONTROL in Mexico City is the distributor of OvoControl P. The representative of the company, Benjamin Gómez, commented, “Especially based on our export economy, the critical importance of food safety in Mexico cannot be overstated. Our pest control customers and their clients are keenly interested in innovative options to control the pigeon population, safely and humanely. OvoControl meets these criteria and fits well with ECONTROL’s portfolio. OvoControl works like an IGR, but for birds instead of insects. We believe that birth control for pigeons is a valuable addition to the portfolio of bird control tools that can be used in Mexico.” OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, which is dispensed on flat roof covers with an automatic feeder. For more information, visit www.ovocontrol.com.


Bell Laboratories


Bell Laboratories introduces new Protecta EVO Edge, a versatile rodent bait station that is fast to open and service, according to the manufacturer. Protecta EVO Edge is easy to use and opens and locks quickly with Bell’s EVO key. The built-in service record card holder, side-opening design and rounded interior walls make servicing fast, maximizing technician productivity and thereby enhancing profitability. The station has a large bait capacity, holding up to eight 28 g or two 225 g Blox securely inside the station and comes with vertical securing rods. Protecta EVO Edge also accommodates two Trapper Mini T-Rex mouse snap traps, or a Trapper T-Rex rat snap trap, which can be set forward in the runway. Service technicians can swiftly adjust baiting or trapping tactics at their accounts, without having to switch out their equipment, according to the manufacturer. Protecta EVO Edge is the latest addition to the extensive range of EVO tamper-resistant rodent bait stations from Bell Laboratories, including Protecta EVO Express, Protecta EVO Ambush, Protecta EVO Circuit, Protecta EVO Landscape, Protecta EVO Mouse and Protecta EVO Weighted Landscape. For more information about the company’s comprehensive product line that includes rodenticides, bait stations, mechanical traps, glue traps, trap gels, mole traps and accessories, visit www.belllabs.com, or call 608/241-0202.


Gardner Fly Lights


Gardner introduces a 4-foot glueboard fly light that’s waterproof and made of stainless steel. The manufacturer says its inspiration was to design an insect light trap that incorporates all the feedback from its customers into one product. Features include: Stainless steel — its extremely durable, commercial grade construction withstands harsh environments; Easy installation — mounting and leveling made easy with built-in mounting slots; Large glueboard — it traps more insects in comparison to other models, the manufacturer reports; and IP65 rated — the iFly65 is waterproof and dust tight and made to withstand harsh/wet environments.