PCT Distance Learning Center Now Ready for CEU Approvals

Stop by the PCT booth (#420) for hands-on demonstrations of the PCT Distance Learning Center and learn about exciting updates to the label training program, including newly added courses and an update on CEU credits.

Since it went live in August 2015, The PCT Distance Learning Center (http://training.pctonline.com) has been adding new courses to its label training program. With the necessary programming to meet various states’ continuing education (CEU) approval requirements now complete, PCT has begun submitting its courses to those states that recognize online training for CEU credit. The changes include the following.

1. Enter Your Certifications. Input the certification licenses you hold by state and category.

2. CEU Icon. To help identify approved courses by your state, a “CEU” icon appears next to courses approved by your state for your license categories.

3. Security Statement. Initialing the security statement confirms you are the person taking the course.

4. Timer. Most states require a minimum of 60 minutes for completion of online courses. The timer allows you to keep track. The timer will pause with inactivity and resume when restarting the program.

5. Passing Score on Test. You must obtain a score of 70% or better to qualify for CEU credit in most states.

6. Retake Course. You may retake a course if needed in order to qualify for CEU credit.

7. CEU Certificate. A CEU certificate is created that includes all relevant information for submitting to your state, including your test score and time taken to complete the course. Certificates can be downloaded as a PDF or printed.

The online label training modules have received rave industry-wide reviews since the program was launched last year. Each course, created by board certified entomologist and consultant Stoy Hedges, is designed around reading and interpreting a specific pesticide product label, covering all aspects of the label — from trade name, target pests, hazards and first aid to areas for treatment and directions for use. As the user takes the course, he or she will be required to identify pests or treatment sites by photograph and determine whether such pests or sites are included on the label and/or interpret how that product may be used to treat the pest according to label directions.

Training is divided into sections with three to seven related questions, and upon selecting the correct answer(s), an explanation of the correct answer is provided, sometimes with a tip on where the pest professional can find the answer in the reference materials. These explanations help to improve the user’s understanding of the topic materials.

This is a free service available to all pest management professionals. Additional label training courses are being added on a regular basis. Learn more about the recent CEU update and get a demo of the program at PCT‘s booth (#420), or visit http://training.pctonline.com.

Learn about Pi Chi Omega at education Expo

Pi Chi Omega, the pest control industry’s national fraternity, will be exhibiting at NPMA PestWorld, in the 6th floor Education Expo. For those who are not members, stop by the booth and learn what the organization is all about. Current members are encouraged to bring by individuals they are interested in sponsoring as new members. Members, and potential members, also should plan to attend the Pi Chi Omega membership meeting, being held Oct. 18, from 10 a.m. to noon, in Issaquah AB. At this event, Pi Chi Omega will hold a short meeting, conduct elections and vote on new members.

Visit booth #434 to learn about ActiveGuard products

ActiveGuard Mattress Liners mattress and box spring products kill bed bugs and dust mites, providing control and prevention 24/7 for two years. This EPA-registered product, installed simply as a fitted sheet, has no use or precautionary word restrictions and is the only pro-active approach for preventing bed bug infestations before they establish, the manufacturer reports. ActiveGuard does not encase bed bugs but rather kills them, generally within 72 hours; after only 10 minutes of exposure to ActiveGuard, bed bugs show a significant reduction in their ability to feed and lay eggs, according to Allergy Technologies. Visit Allergy Technologies at PestWorld booth #434, or online at http://allergytechnologies.com.

Burrow Bait for voles and more with New P.C.Q. PRO

Pest management professionals have a new weapon in the fight against voles, ground squirrels and commensal rodents with new P.C.Q. PRO, featuring the active ingredient diphacinone. This restricted use rodenticide offers PMPs flexibility to control meadow and pine voles; California ground squirrels; and commensal rodents. This powerful multi-feed, first-generation anticoagulant has a broad label for use against a wide variety of pests in industrial, commercial and residential accounts. This new addition to Bell Laboratories’ lineup of rodenticides is approved for burrow baiting for meadow and pine voles. Visit Bell Laboratories at PestWorld booth #415 or visit www.belllabs.com.

Learn about the Green Gorilla System (booth #118)

Stop by booth #118 to learn about the Green Gorilla, an automated pressure sprayer that eliminates a PMP’s need to pump, helping them complete jobs faster, according to the manufacturer. This sprayer is microprocessor-controlled for precise tank pressures and optimum chemical delivery, with the power to last an entire day on a single charge, the manufacturer reports. Learn more at PestWorld booth #118 or at www.green-gorilla.com.

LIPCA is an insurance provider owned by pest and lawn care professionals

LIPCA Pest/Lawn Insurance Specialists have a national insurance program totally owned by pest and lawn professionals. It is the company’s only program that focuses on its insureds’ exposures every day. LIPCA’s knowledge, expertise and loss control program help insureds reduce their exposures before they occur. The insurance provider’s in-house claims office is one of the strengths of its pest/lawn program and has saved many insureds their deductibles, increased premiums and for some, their companies from closing, LIPCA reports. LIPCA works with regulators, associations and other entities that protect PCOs’ businesses. Visit www.lipca.com to learn more.

New Hydronic Heat System Trailers at booth #204

Visit Quest at booth #204 to see the company’s newest Hydronic Heat System Trailer. Among the many improved features to this system is the reduced trailer length from 14 feet to 12 feet. The new Quest System is job-ready — no need to unbox anything. The heat exchangers are shipped along the side wall of the trailer and are strapped in. Hoses are hung on e-tracks. Fans are stacked to the front of the trailer and are securely strapped. Even the manifolds, tees, etc., are in a container. The central heater is now 385,000 BTUs of clean, safe, heat, according to the manufacturer.

U-Trap-It Pest Management System simplifies record keeping for PCOs

With more than 20 years of use, the U-Trap-It Pest Management System provides an easy-to-use, methodical approach to proactively preventing pest activity where pests cannot be tolerated. The U-Trap-It System simplifies record-keeping and eases compliance with regulations and audits while standardizing data collection and analysis across all corporate facilities. The system can handle 100 pest control devices in a plant facility or thousands of devices deployed in a city for rodent control; or the system can track the services and inspections of thousands of rooms in a hotel or dormitory, the company reports. It is in use at companies large and small. More than 70% of what the U.S. consumes is protected by U-Trap-It System users, the company says. Visit http://utrapit.com to learn more.

Thermal Remediation for bed bug control

Thermal Remediation electric bed bug heat treatment equipment is a solution designed specifically for the needs of pest management professionals. A variety of Thermal Remediation equipment packages are available, ranging from portable heater packages to all-in-one truck and trailer packages that include an on-board generator. Each package can be customized based on a user’s unique needs with 100-plus equipment options from which to choose. The company's complete equipment packages include all of the components necessary to control the application of heat, monitor in real time, and manage air flow to achieve damage-free results. Equipment packages are assembled by Temp-Air in the USA. Learn more at booth #717, or at http://thermalremediation.com.

HS-10 Bird Blaster to be Premiered at PestWorld booth #507

Nixalite will be premiering its brand new HS-10 Bird Blaster at PestWorld 2016. Bird Blaster is a small portable acoustic hailing device that scares away birds and wildlife from large open areas. Weighing only 15 pounds the HS-10 packs a peak acoustic output of 144dB with a range up to 750 meters, according to the manufacturer. Pest management professionals can use the HS-10 to play predator and distress calls or activate the built-in high frequency alert tone with the push of a button. This tool can be used for dispersing birds and wildlife from airfields, landfills, industrial sites, agriculture crops, waterways and more. For more information visit Nixalite at PestWorld booth #507, or visit the company’s website https://www.nixalite.com/product/hyperspike-hs-10-portable-acoustic-hailing-device.