Scott Cole

That’s what this year’s winners are: the model of professionalism in pest control. And as sponsor of this year’s PCT Technician of the Year Awards supplement, BASF is proud to support them.

These three Pest Management Professionals — Joey Hoke, James Miners and Gus Walker — hold themselves to the highest standards of service. They take tremendous pride in their work and have demonstrated a commitment to their customers, their colleagues and their profession.

At BASF, we’ve made a similar commitment, dedicating ourselves to working in partnership with you to develop innovative solutions that help ensure your long-term success.

As just one example, our PT® Brand Pressurized Insecticides are a series of high-performance aerosol formulations delivered with the industry’s most advanced pressurized technology for precise crack and crevice application. These powerful insecticides are made even more effective and efficient with the unparalleled delivery advantages of the unique System III applicator, which elevates the professional image of technicians in the eyes of their customers.

Premixed and ready to use, these innovative formulations and high precision application systems make pest control easy to deliver, empowering technicians to target a wide range of pests with state-of-the-art technology and latest-generation pest control.

We pledge to continue providing these kinds of products and services to do our part to help improve your job quality and customer satisfaction.

Please enjoy reading about this year’s winners in the pages that follow. They represent the best our industry has to offer, just as we strive to do every day here at BASF.


Scott Cole


Manager, U.S. Professional & Specialty Solutions Marketing