Bell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories introduced its all new iQ product line, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies (BST). iQ products integrate proprietary BST sensors that turn some of Bell’s most popular products into powerful 24/7 rodent data-gathering machines, the company says.

Using Bell Sensing Technology, Bell says PMPs will now be able to know everything about the rodent activity occurring at their accounts. When, where and how much activity will no longer be based upon an “educated guess,” Bell says. It will now be known in extreme detail and will automatically be collected and archived to provide trend analysis and proof of the efficacy of a service. Technicians can know in real time where hot spots are occurring so more time can be spent addressing problem areas.

The Express iQ, T-Rex iQ and 24/7 iQ are now available and will seamlessly sync with the Bell Sensing Technology smart phone app and portal, Bell says. This rodent monitoring system requires no gateways or complicated and costly infrastructure, Bell adds. Customized Bluetooth sensors allow data to be quickly gathered on-site from each iQ device and then uploaded to the cloud directly from a smartphone or tablet. This is a complete rodent data gathering and management system with the ease of use and cost basis that will allow it to be used at any account, Bell Labs says.



To better equip pest management professionals to efficiently control cockroaches, Syngenta launched its new SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program. This program gives PMPs an IPM approach to tackling German and other cockroach species, the company says.

The SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program guides PMPs through three phases of a cockroach treatment: an initial visit, follow-up visits, and continued maintenance and prevention. As part of the program, Syngenta also includes best practices for steps like inspection and monitoring, which are critical components of an IPM approach. By following the recommended SecureChoice Cockroach IPM Guide, Syngenta says it guarantees a reduction of at least 90 percent of the cockroach infestation during the first four visits over a 60-day period. If adequate reduction is not achieved, Syngenta will provide the needed Syngenta products for retreatment, the manufacturer says.

The SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program features multiple active ingredients and formulations to help manage insecticide resistance and bait aversion, Syngenta says. It recommends using Advion WDG insecticide with Optigard Cockroach Gel Bait, and then rotating this combination with Optigard Flex liquid insecticide and Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait every 90 days. All of the recommended products also qualify for yearlong savings through the PestPartners 365 Program, Syngenta adds.


Trapper Jack’s

Trapper Jack’s Macadamia Nut Rodent Lure is back in production. The company said this is the same product PMPs have used for decades. Trapper Jack’s says the rodent lure is a safe, highly effective, easy-to-use product specifically formulated for professional baiting.

Prepared from natural food products, Trapper Jack’s is an all-weather lure that is formulated to remain pliable and aromatic at temperatures from below freezing to 150°F. This product can be used as a conventional lure when baiting snap traps, glue boards, bait stations and live traps.

Trapper Jack’s says the natural food formulation is highly aromatic, appealing and palatable for optimum acceptance by all rodents, as well as raccoons, skunks, opossums and squirrels. The formulation also contains secondary attractants of cereal grains, walnuts, molasses, eggs, sugar and salt. Each Pocket-Pack product will bait up to 10 snap traps, glueboards, bait stations or live traps. The product contains no pesticides/rodenticides and can be used in food-processing areas, hospitals, schools or other sensitive accounts.



Xcluder’s new Automatic Door Bottom is a rodent-proof, auto-retracting door bottom seal that was developed in direct response to requests from PMPs, the company says. The product protects entryways in which an uneven floor or threshold would necessitate either a too-short seal that leaves cracks and therefore rodent vulnerability, or a flush seal that creates drag and makes the door difficult to open.

The Xcluder Automatic Door Bottom features an aluminum case surrounding a movable drop-bar seal. The drop-bar seal is actuated by a plunger that contacts the jamb as the door is closing, forcing the seal down against the threshold to create a secure seal. The rubber seal is filled with rodent-proof Xcluder fill fabric to provide protection against both rodents and the elements. The drop-bar seal actuates on the hinge side first to prevent it from skidding along the floor while the door is being closed. Xcluder is made in America and is safe to use around people, animals and plants and contains no chemicals, the company says.