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McCall Service Hosts 2019 North Florida Bedbug Summit

In September, McCall Service, Jacksonville, Fla., hosted the 2019 North Florida Bedbug Summit at the University of North Florida. The summit brought together experts from across the bed bug industry to discuss legal matters regarding bed bugs, new research in the field, control methods, and how to identify and stop bed bugs from invading customers’ facilities and homes. McCall said it is committed to the creation of responsible protocols and providing quality services that protect people and their environments from the impact of insects.

McCall said the North Florida Bedbug Summit is the only pest management seminar in the region with a focus entirely on bed bugs. Pest management professionals from around the country attended the summit. One of McCall’s entomologists, Cory Goeltzenleuchter, facilitated a robust discussion and knowledge sharing session at the event, the company said.


Dr. Phil Koehler, University of Florida, provided attendees an opportunity to learn how to identify bed bugs, important biological features that make them such a problematic pest, status of the market and the latest industry bed bug research.

BedBug Central sent representatives to discuss the importance of proactively monitoring for bed bugs and how to establish an effective program to limit the amount of large-scale infestations in facilities.

Representatives from the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) discussed their experiences with bed bugs in assisted living facilities and the audit and inspection process that facilities must be able to pass.

Attorney Mark Ruff advised attendees on how to stay out of the courtroom and other common legal issues when dealing with bed bug infestations.

Dr. Ben Hottel, Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU), discussed a bed bug and German cockroach monitoring project he completed in public housing, as well as research he completed on bed bug behavior.

Univar Solutions and MGK were sponsors of the event.

The 2020 Bedbug Summit will be held in September 2020. Additional details will be released soon.


A Little REST in Colorado

As the REST Initiative spreads across the nation, Colorado Pest Control Association (CPCA) joined the driving force that’s bringing comfort and relief for those who are orphaned, abused, and at-risk.

Kevin Lemasters and Andrea Hancock

During the 2019 CPCA Conference, members donated new underwear, Starbucks gift cards and wrote notes of encouragement to be distributed to the youth who reside at Urban Peak Youth Center, a homeless shelter for ages 15-24.

On the last day of the conference, volunteers from Sprague Pest Solutions headed to the Denver location and rolled up their sleeves to prepare a meal for more than 30 residents who end their day with dinner at the shelter. Upon arrival, colored pencils and markers were scattered across the table to engage the youth and help explore their creative side. Artwork, manicures and Jenga were some of the favorite activities of the evening.

P.E.S.T. Relief donated 68 mattress protectors to provide clean bedding and bedbug protection, while Sprague Pest Solutions continues to service Urban Peak’s transitional housing. These units serve as a stepping stone in helping young adults to get back on their feet.

The visit not only encouraged the residents and staff, but also touched all of the volunteers who attended, said Andrea Hancock, P.E.S.T. Relief International.

“Thank you for allowing our team to help serve the youth at Urban Peak! We are incredibly grateful for your generous donation and commitment to helping make our urban environments a better place to live,” said Kolbin Bertilison, Sprague Pest Solutions.

P.E.S.T. Relief International said it is thankful to the volunteers and donors who helped make this event possible: Kevin Lemasters, EnviroPest; Kolbin Bertilison, Alberto Quinonez, James Mullen and Jon Martin, Sprague Pest Solutions; Jeff Hancock, Mattress Safe; and CPCA Conference attendees.

Learn more about P.E.S.T. Relief International at www.pestreliefinternational.com.


New NPMA Field Guide PRO App Includes Tropical Bed Bug

Earlier this year, NPMA announced the launch of the new NPMA Field Guide PRO for all Android and iOS devices. The app is available for an annual subscription price of $8.99.

The NPMA Field Guide Pro offers users access to a library of advanced biology and control methods for more than 200 different structural pests, with high-resolution photos and charts for identification and a detailed terms glossary. If a problem still can’t be resolved using the information within the Field Guide PRO, PMPs can submit questions and images directly to NPMA’s staff entomologists from the app. In addition, each Mobile Field Guide can be customized by adding individual notes and photos, and creating a list of favorite pests for quick reference. Learn more at www.npmapestworld.com.

Features and enhancements include:

  • Intuitive search function to quickly and easily find pests within the app.
  • A comprehensive pest identification key to help PMPs identify the pest and develop the best control solution.
  • Backup and restore custom notes and pest images so PMPs always have access to their personalized field guide information.
  • Eight new pests including the European fire ant, kudzu bug, western conifer seed bug, tawny crazy ant, tropical bed bug, skunks, opossums and raccoons.


BedBug Central Launches New Virtual Training

BedBug Central has announced its new educational arm called SenSci University, which features a new platform for virtual training. “It’s like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before in the world of virtual training,” said Robert DiJoseph, president of BedBug Central. “Whatever you envision as ‘virtual training’ we’re about to shatter that perception with SenSci University, our new, completely interactive virtual campus.”

DiJoseph said that over the past few months, BedBug Central has worked closely with the company VirBELA on creating virtual offices and workspaces where each employee’s personal avatar (or character) has a unique office to interact with each other as well as others who may enter the workspace.

“We feel that SenSci University is the next phase in the virtual training evolution by using a new platform in technology to offer a completely immersive virtual experience,” he said. “By using personal avatars we can present to large groups in the auditoriums, hold (the) Bed Bug Boot Camp in a smaller board room or go one-on-one and have private conversations in office settings. It’s truly unique and we’re really excited for the future of virtual training.”

Danny White, national account manager for BedBug Central, says he is eager to host virtual training and full conferences where PMPs can interact with attendees, speakers and sponsors from the comfort of a home computer. “Of course this will never take the place of human interaction but it’s a great alternative to help further the education of staff while interacting with peers from all across the country,” he said.

Another aspect of SenSci University is the Vendor Consulting Area (VCA). The VCA features a private office with screens for presentations, websites or videos and one static logo for the back wall. “The VCA offers something truly unique for sponsors as opposed to past virtual training vendor offerings by allowing them the opportunity to interact one-on-one with attendees by using their personal avatars,” White said. “It’s just like you would at a normal conference but without the travel!”

SenSci University launched its inaugural event in November. Visit www.sensci online.com/sensci-university.