Time is money. It’s one of the great laws of labor, and it is especially true in the pest control industry. Pest management professionals (PMPs) want solutions that work — effectively and immediately — and continue to work so that callbacks are reduced to a minimum.

It’s for this reason BASF offers PT Brand Pressurized Insecticides — a series of high-performance aerosol formulations delivered with advanced pressurized technology for precise spot and void applications.

Premixed and ready to use, these innovative formulations and high-precision application systems make pest control easy to deliver — directly into harborage areas where pests eat, rest, reproduce and find protection — with no extra equipment or cleanup.

MULTIPLE OFFERINGS. One of the great benefits of the PT brand is that PMPs have a wide array of options from which to choose. With 17 unique products in all, this portfolio provides the right solution at the right time, all in the right location for treating a wide range of pests. This portfolio of products include:

Contact Insecticides. These products enhance inspections with excellent flushing action and knockdown. Their non-residual nature even makes them great choices for everyday use within sensitive accounts, including commercial kitchens.

Repellent Products. These insecticides include trusted, go-to products effective on a wide range of pests in a long list of locations. They are simple to use and easy to apply. With multiple formulations and active ingredients to choose from, PMPs can find the right solution for just about any job.

Non-Repellent Insecticides. These insecticides are undetectable to pests, do not scatter or disperse them throughout an account, and are excellent choices to use in conjunction with baits as they do not affect palatability. Excellent for use in rotation for resistance management, these non-repellents are staples in the fight against a broad range of pests.

Specialty Products. Many pest infestations are best controlled using highly specialized product formulations intended for specific situations. As a leader in product formulation technology, BASF provides the professional pest management industry with a wide variety of innovative specialty tools.

WHY THEY WORK. It starts with packaging. PT Brand insecticides are ready to use, something that Wade Wilson, technical director, Turner Pest Control, Jacksonville, Fla., said his technicians appreciate. “They are pre-packaged and pre-mixed so there is no measuring and mixing of chemicals for our technicians to do,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that during the last two years Turner Pest Control has used the following: PT® Fendona® Pressurized Insecticide; PT® Alpine® Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide; PT® Alpine® Pressurized Fly Bait; and PT® Clear Zone® III Metered Pyrethrin Spray.

Wilson said Turner technicians like that the products eliminate pests fast. “Now that our technicians have seen first-hand how they work, they have trust in them and that is very important,” he said. “And that trust is throughout all our branches now.”

Wilson also said technicians like applying the products with the System III®. “It helps us apply the product where it needs to go — and that is the crack and crevice — without overspilling the crevice. That overspill was something our technicians would have to clean up.”

Richard McNeil, a commercial technician with Turner, agreed cleaner applications are a great feature of the PT brands. “I’ve been using PT® Alpine® Pressurized Insecticide and customers like that it doesn’t leave behind any residue or odor.”

PT FENDONA. The latest addition to the PT brand is PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide, a next generation residual pressurized insecticide. The active ingredient in PT Fendona is alpha-cypermethrin, which is three times more powerful than cyfluthrin, the active ingredient in PT® Cy-Kick® Pressurized Insecticide, according to BASF.

Registered for use in residential and outdoor areas, as well as food- handling establishments, PT Fendona also is compatible with the System III. PT Fendona delivers 100% knockdown or mortality on key pests within 5 minutes and up to 90-day residual action vs. house flies on non-porous surfaces, BASF reports.

Turner Pest Control’s Wilson said he likes Fendona because it provides the immediacy of knockdown combined with a long-lasting residual, important factors when treating accounts such as commercial kitchens. “We’ve seen that 3- to 6-week residual and with commercial kitchens — areas where they wet and mop the floors. In areas that I’ve applied it has held up very well, and has continued to kill over that six-week period,” he said.

PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide is labeled for more than 60 pests and 65 use sites, giving PMPs the flexibility to cover many different types of accounts. This allows PCOs to simplify their product selection process and carry one product to do many types of jobs.

Turner’s McNeil said PT Fendona has been a game changer. “When we do an initial German cockroach cleanout we’ll return in a week and we know we’ll still have to do something, but it will not be as in-depth because we already achieved that initial knockdown.”

And PMP clients like PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide, too. In addition to commercial kitchens, McNeil treats a lot of assisted living facilities. Any time he introduces new products he alerts his accounts, and asks them to report anything they see. “Since I’ve been using [PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide] I haven’t had a lot of callbacks. It’s been really good and it’s helped me be more productive.”

Like all pest control companies, Turner Pest Control understands that products that perform faster and last longer help reduce callbacks and improve customer satisfaction.