EMitter has introduced its line of Nara products, which are allergen-free rodent attractants. The three products — Nara Bloc, Nara Lure and Nara Liquid — are all high-tech, non-toxic bait and monitoring products for rats and mice. They will not mold or attract insects, and can last up to 12 months in any climate or under any environmental conditions, the firm says. The baits are ideal for locations in which rodenticides cannot be used and can make trapping more successful, the company added.

Consisting of an aromatized special synthetic, Nara Bloc is highly attractive to rodents, especially mice, the company said. Both the Bloc and the Lure provide long durability, depending on the location in which they are used. They will not become infested by insects (e.g., flour beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, cockroaches, etc.). They are particularly suited for use in wet areas, as they will not mold or decompose because of humidity. Additionally, the Bloc enables identification of rat or mouse feeding based on gnawing traces. Nara Liquid is especially suited for use in dry areas. It is attractive to both rats and mice, is available in three scents, and can be used in various rat and mouse snap traps.

Rockwell Labs Ltd


Rockwell Labs’ InVade Natural Clean is now available for foaming, mopping, spraying and drain applications. Like all InVade products, new InVade Natural Clean contains a powerful proprietary blend of natural microbes that digest the organic debris and build-up that causes problems in commercial food-processing accounts, Rockwell Labs says. This simplifies the process for using this technology in National Organic Program accounts, and others that require all-natural products and full ingredient disclosure, Rockwell Labs says.

One quart of the concentrate is diluted to 1 gallon with water to make a solution that produces thick, long-lasting foam. For mopping, the use rate is 1-2 ounces per typical 4-gallon mop bucket. InVade Natural Clean is available in 1-gallon jugs.

TAP Insulation


The TAP Hatchmaster Attic Stairway Insulating Cover provides a new revenue opportunity for pest management professionals. Incorporating the TAP Hatchmaster as an add-on service provides customers with a more comfortable home and is a natural pairing to any TAP Pest Control Insulation job, the supplier says.

With five different sizes to choose from, the TAP Hatchmaster is lightweight, durable and installs in under five minutes with a staple gun. It is made of 5/16-inch double bubble reflective insulation, features an r-value of 15.2, and is proven to reflect away up to 95 percent of radiant heat, the firm says.