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PMPs feel positive about the coming termite season. According to the PCT 2020 State of the Termite Market Survey, 58 percent expected termite control service revenue to increase this year.

“For 2020, we expect another great year for termite season,” said Nick Madero, Madero Pest Control.

John King, On The Fly Pest Solutions, expected steady growth. “I’m real comfortable with where we’re at right now,” he said


Nearly half (49 percent) of PMPs anticipated prices to increase for termite services this year; an equal percentage thought prices would remain the same as in 2019.

In follow-up interviews, PMPs said the strong housing market and economy should continue to boost the termite market.

The wild card: It’s an election year. “Any time you get into a presidential election, everybody wants to pump the brakes,” said Matt Breda, Breda Pest Management. Even so, his outlook was positive. “We’re still expecting a strong year for 2020,” he said.

In the past three years, companies invested in termite products, equipment and marketing, reported 40 percent of PMPs in the survey. More than half (54 percent) expected the same level of investment in 2020.

“My outlook’s fantastic,” said Steven Durieu, Senate Termite Control, who expected more homeowners to seek out preventative termite measures. “The future is getting the homes that don’t have termites,” he said.