Xcluder is expanding its line of rodent-proofing offerings with the launch of the Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit, which the firm says is designed to quickly and effectively seal or re-seal gaps in concrete joints that may be susceptible to rodent and pest intrusion. The Joint Sealing Kit is the latest addition to Xcluder’s collection of rodent-proofing solutions that offer pest management professionals peace of mind against rodents and other pests, the firm says.

Engineered concrete joints, including contraction, construction and isolation joints, can widen over time due to concrete shrinkage, foundation settling and seasonal temperature cycles. When these joints expand, the original joint seals often split. Standard joint seals and foam backing are not designed to withstand the gnawing power of rodents, Xcluder reports. Unprotected joints easily can be exploited by rodents and other pests to burrow under the slab and tunnel throughout a home or building. Extensive burrowing can then lead to costly structural damage.

The Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit features three 1- by 48-inch strips of Xcluder Fill Fabric and a tube of premium, non-priming, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. The Xcluder strip is pressed into the gap with a putty knife or screwdriver and covered with the provided sealant, sealing the gap and preventing rodents from burrowing through.

Unlike steel wool and copper that corrode, Xcluder’s patented blend of stainless steel and polyfiber will not rust or decompose over time, the manufacturer says. The sharp, coarse fibers cannot be gnawed through.

Happy Cornerz


Happy Cornerz is a 3-in-1 product that gives PMPs more options to monitor and trap more pests, the manufacturer says. The product allows users to trap a variety of insects and pests in upper corners.

PMPs know that when insects and pests are indoors they love traveling along baseboard edges and hiding where those edges merge and meet. That’s often in a low or high corner, Happy Cornerz says. This product allows PMPs to monitor lower and upper corners in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, underneath sinks and inside cabinets, the company says.

At first glance, the company says Happy Cornerz initially appears like a typical glueboard until you choose how to apply the product:

  • Use it as one large flat trap.
  • Separate it into three smaller individual flat traps.
  • Use the triangular portion of the three separated pieces as a glue trap for mounting into lower or upper corners to track and catch more pests.

The manufacturer says common objects stick to the glue surface because of the unique mounting design. The glue is on the backside of the corner trap, which means the clean side faces the environment while the insects and pests on the glue are not visible to customers.



Coalmarch recently announced the launch of SprowtSell, a suite of tools designed to close the loop between incoming leads and sales, the company said. Coalmarch has offered website development and digital marketing services, as well as hiring and training solutions for growing pest control businesses, for more than 10 years.

“SprowtSell is an exciting addition to our Sprowt digital marketing platform,” said Donnie Shelton, Coalmarch CEO and owner of Triangle Pest Control. “It’s all about bridging the gap between customers or potential customers and your team, streamlining communication, and closing leads faster and more effectively.”

The foundation of the platform is built on the Call Tracking Metrics phone system, allowing a PMP’s call center to access call recordings, track lead sources, customize call routing and score calls within an agent dashboard.

“SprowtSell also incorporates tools like customizable call scripts to guide your CSRs step-by-step through collecting customer data, and a tech lead form that collects data in the field and standardizes communication to close those leads faster and more effectively,” said Christin Nein, director of product management.

SprowtSell currently integrates with PestPac, with plans to expand to other CRM platforms in the near future, the firm says.