Dr. Barb Nead-Nylander, Research and Development Scientist, Douglas Products
1. With people spending more time at home due to COVID-19, have bed bug calls increased?

According to the PCT 2020 State of the Bed Bug Control Market Survey, bed bug calls have slightly decreased due to COVID-19. But when calls have come in, pest management professionals report finding more severe infestations that are more challenging to treat.

2. What health effects can be attributed to bed bugs?

Whereas bed bugs do not transmit diseases, some people report mild skin irritation or allergic reactions to bed bug bites. Infestations can trigger mental health effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and insomnia — to name a few.

3. What are some of the best ways to manage bed bugs?

The most effective way to manage bed bugs is holistically using all available tools. That includes monitoring devices; preventive protocols; and, when bed bugs are found, using multiple treatment options, including spot, heat and fumigation. One advantage to fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is bed bugs have no resistance, which is not true of some insecticides used in spot treatments. Plus, Vikane only requires one treatment to eliminate all bed bug life stages.

4. What is a common misconception about fumigation for controlling bed bugs?

One misconception is that fumigation is only available in certain regions of the country where drywood termites are more prevalent. However, no matter your location, Douglas Products can help your company begin fumigating for bed bugs.

5. Why is fumigation so effective against bed bugs?

Because of the physical properties of the fumigant, Vikane effectively moves throughout the fumigated space, including wall voids, furniture, mattresses, clothing, electronics and even in cluttered spaces, to eliminate all life stages of the bed bug — including the eggs. Because fumigation finds the infestations for your pest control company, it requires less preparation and labor overall.

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