Forty-five percent of PMPs said the 2020 termite swarm season was “average,” found the PCT 2021 State of the Termite Control Market survey.

In some areas of the country, however, PMPs said swarming activity was stronger due to an abundance of wet, warm weather. In fact, 16 percent of PMPs said termite swarming activity in 2020 was stronger than it was five years ago.

“We just had the perfect combination of moisture and humidity and so we had the best swarm that we’ve probably had in 12 to 15 years. It’s like the old days,” said Weldon Hurt, Pest Patrol.

Jamie Steffey, owner of Gateway Pest Control in Georgetown, Ky., attributed more activity to unseasonably warm weather in his region. “The temperature has been above average for the most part; that’s conducive to termite activity,” he pointed out.

Favorable weather in parts of the Southeast helped Formosan and drywood termites expand their range, said PMPs in follow-up interviews.

“We’ve had continued increase in Formosans; we’ve had some increase in (Eastern) subs and had a very big swarm season for drywoods,” said Jim Swayne, Safer Home Services.

Formosan termite activity also increased in markets served by Rice Pest Control, Anniston, Ala. “We’re trying to figure out what’s going on and how and why they’re here,” said President Tracy Rice, who thinks the pests are following railroad tracks since he’s found most infestations within a mile of the rail line.