In follow-up interviews, PMPs said they were surprised to be doing termite work in December. “It hasn’t slowed down yet, which is a little unusual,” said Kevin Mills, Mills Pest Management.

As long as the real estate market and weather remained favorable, PMPs predicted another good year for termite control service. According to the 2021 PCT State of the Termite Control Market survey, 60 percent expected termite control revenue to increase in 2021; 48 percent expected the termite services prices to increase.

“We’re very optimistic,” said Jim Swayne, Safer Home Service, who planned to add new field personnel and open a new branch location this year.

Diedrich Schweers of SWAT Mosquito & Pest Control expected a good year as long as the commercial construction industry continued to thrive. “I’m anticipating it to only continue to grow,” he said.

Other PMPs said the pace of real estate transactions in their markets would slow, causing a decline in termite work. Frank Illnick, PermaKill Exterminating, anticipated fewer people moving into his region from New York City. “Eventually this COVID nonsense is going to stop and people are going to stay where they are,” he predicted.

Tracy Rice, Rice Pest Control, wasn’t casting votes either way in terms of termite work in 2021. “It’s going to be steady but it’s going to be something that’s hard to predict,” he said.