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Some companies offer a variety of benefits so each employee can find something of value. According to the results of the 2015 PCT-NPMA Compensation and Benefits Survey, 43 percent of respondents indicated their pest management companies offer at least one of 12 listed benefits other than (or in addition to) medical insurance. Dental insurance (29 percent), prescription drug coverage (23 percent), life insurance (21 percent) and vision insurance (18 percent) are among the most commonly offered other benefits.

General Environmental Services once paid these costs, but it made better fiscal sense for employees to take them on, said Peter Wonson. They’re worthwhile programs and employees get a good rate should they choose to participate, he said.

Forty percent of companies help employees save for retirement, found the survey. The top savings plans are 401(k)s (18 percent) and SIMPLE IRAs (15 percent).

Paid time off (PTO) — namely, vacation and sick days — increased with employee tenure. After one year of service, the average PTO was 5.6 days; after 10 years it was nearly 11 days. In addition, companies paid an average of five holidays, reported the survey.

Rice Pest Control gives employees more time by not working Saturdays. “Employees have got to have family time; even if they’re single, they’ve got to have some time to themselves,” said Tracy Rice. “My employees are happy and the headaches are few from an administrative standpoint.”

Other benefits cited in follow-up interviews include letting employees drive home company vehicles, saving fuel costs and wear-and-tear on their personal vehicles.

Burt’s Termite & Pest Control rewards employees who complete online continuing education classes, such as through Purdue University, the National Pest Management Association and AIB International.

Cooper Pest Solutions offers leadership training for up-and-coming and senior leaders, Eagles and Giants NFL football tickets, and funds to purchase company-branded clothing. Flexibility is “a huge incentive” for millennial employees, said Phil Cooper. This group also likes to collaborate on team sales and share the payout, which doesn’t appeal as much to baby boomers, he added.

A family atmosphere is another benefit, said pest management professionals. Doug Foster of Burt’s Termite & Pest Control often brings in breakfast or lunch for employees; they participate in parades and service projects, like doing bed bug treatments for the local homeless shelter.