Jonathan K. Sweat

It’s our great pleasure at BASF to once again sponsor this year’s PCT Technician of the Year Awards supplement. This year’s winners — Danielle Whitley, Rob Heisner and J.D. Donaldson — truly define what it means to be professional. They take tremendous pride in the work they do and display a total commitment to customers and coworkers.

Today’s service technicians are entrusted with great responsibilities, including, to name a few, understanding pest biology and behavior; properly and safely using new products and technology; and being able to effectively communicate with customers. It’s work that challenges the body and the mind.

At BASF our job is to make pest control easier, safer and more efficient by providing you with innovative products and methods of application. A recent example has been the 2014 introduction of Termidor HE High Efficiency Termiticide and the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System, both for termite control.

Termidor HE termiticide cuts time and labor to make a technician’s work easier. Its breakthrough molecular technology allows for 50% shallower treatment depths, 33% fewer drill holes, and 77% smaller trenches.

With the Termidor HP injection system, termiticide mixing is automated, and the application unit does the work of injecting the Termidor dilution into the ground, quickly and precisely. There’s no trenching or rodding, so there’s minimal impact to landscaping, and that’s a real selling point for customers.

Our commitment at BASF is to continue providing you with products and support that make a genuine difference in the level of service you can provide.

We hope you enjoy reading about this year’s winners in the pages that follow. They truly represent the best the industry has to offer.


Jonathan K. Sweat

Director, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions