Liphatech is giving pest management professionals another weapon in the fight against heavy infestations and anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations with its TakeDown soft bait. Together, TakeDown, FirstStrike and Resolv make PMPs a triple threat to rodents, Liphatech says.

It is the first non-anticoagulant bromethalin soft bait for the PMP market, Liphatech says. It combines the power of bromethalin with the palatability of soft bait. PMPs using TakeDown in commercial and select residential accounts can expect results in as little as 2-3 days (compared to 4-5 days for anticoagulants), making it an efficient means of reducing heavy rodent populations and showing customers faster results. Because bromethalin directly attacks the central nervous system instead of causing internal bleeding, TakeDown is ideal for dealing with anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations or as part of a resistance prevention program, the firm says.

TakeDown soft bait comes in 8-gram pouches. Unlike anticoagulant baits that must be bought in quantities of 16 pounds or more, TakeDown pouches are available to PMPs for purchase in 4-pound bags.

Like FirstStrike and Resolv, TakeDown’s wax-free soft bait formula won’t melt in high temperatures. Food-grade oils and grains make all of Liphatech’s soft baits highly attractive to rodents, even when other food is available, Liphatech says. Pouches can be quickly secured with or without paper in bait stations using rods or SoftSecure Technology.

TakeDown registration is pending in California.


The new STIHL SR 430 gasoline-powered liquid-only backpack sprayer delivers a large spraying range, reducing the time it takes users to treat large areas, the firm says. Its high-performance pressure pump provides a constant flow of product with no loss of pressure, regardless of the spray angle. While the engine is running, the pump also continuously mixes and agitates the tank contents, delivering a more consistent application of product. The sprayer is also comfortable to wear, featuring an anti-vibration system, soft rubber grips and optional chest and hip belt accessory to evenly distribute weight, STIHL reports. The SR 430 is ideal for pest management professionals.

“The STIHL SR 430 will save you valuable time on the job,” said Thomas Techow, product manager at STIHL. “With more power and 20 percent greater spraying range, this high-capacity backpack sprayer saves one hour for every five previously needed to treat the same sized area.” (Compared to the STIHL SR 420 backpack sprayer.) Key features include:

  • 3.7-gallon container allows professionals to work for long periods of time without stopping to refill
  • 33 percent larger container opening can be filled easily without spills
  • Pre-installed pressure pump provides a constant flow of spray with no loss of pressure
  • The throttle trigger traveler limiter gives the operator the option to set the most effective throttle speed for optimal control of power and pressure
  • The single-lever control with simple starting procedure results in fast startups
  • Three different push-baffle screens allow for adaptable spray patterns and direction — ideal for various spraying tasks
  • A metering knob delivers five discharge levels to control power with a simple turn
  • High-quality backpack-style carrying system allows for comfortable work during long jobs
  • Anti-vibration system minimizes vibration levels and reduces fatigue
  • Soft rubber handle grip provides enhanced comfort and control while working

Gardner Products

Gardner Products says it recently introduced the firm’s most versatile and attractive insect light trap to date, the CEOS72. With a range of 3,500 square feet but a slim profile, the CEOS72 attracts insects, not attention, the firm says. According to Gardner, the light trap is easy for pest management professionals to use. A bracket wall-mounting system makes installation simple, and latch closures allow for easy entry and quick servicing. The CEOS72 light trap is designed to accept both universal glueboards and CFL36 bulbs, with glueboards sliding in under Gardner’s patented roller guide system from either top or bottom, without any modifying or mess. With two 36-watt energy-efficient lamps, the CEOS72 is ideal for clients who need effective 24-hour, non-chemical trapping, such as warehouses, bakeries, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, food manufacturing facilities and restaurants, Gardner reports. The unit plugs directly into any AC outlet, and is available in black, white or stainless steel. The CEOS72 qualifies for the company’s “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” offer.

Pest Boys

Pest Boys launches new Termite Poly Plugs, which will lower purchase and labor cost for PMPs, the firm says. Poly Plugs are made from lightweight, closed cell foam, instead of plastics or rubber, and will cut initial expenditures by 250-300 percent, the company says. Not only will PMPs save thousands of dollars in expenditures on inventory stocking of plugs for months, but they also will save a significant amount in labor cost, the company adds.

Currently, most technicians can install 3-4 plastic or rubber plugs per minute. This is because most other plugs used in sealing termite treatment drill holes in concrete require a hammer and nut driver tool in order to counter sink plugs, Pest Boys says. The plugs are only used to support concrete patching materials for 15 minutes of curing and are never seen again. The Poly Plugs by Pest Boys don’t require special tools and can be installed four times faster with up to 12 holes per minute. As a result, the firm estimates that termite technicians treating structures with 150-200 drill holes will be able to treat three structures a day instead of two. This should result in higher profits for PCOs, as well as reduced treatment cost for homeowners.

Poly Plugs are available for drill holes of 3/8-inch, ½-inch, 9/16-inch and 5/8-inch.

Valley Industries

Valley Industries recently introduced its new Master Manufacturing 200-gallon, space-saver sprayer for pest management and lawn care professionals. “The space saver sprayer design is nothing new,” says Valley Industries’ Pete Gustin. “But with all the improvements we’ve made to the original Lesco design, operators can expect a whole new level of performance with almost no downtime.”

The sprayer features a plastic-coated Comet APS41 triple diaphragm pump with exclusive DURAphragm Technology and an oversized Honda GX200 engine. This space saver also introduces Valley Industries innovative hose reel design featuring Hardcore Technology. This new to market design is made of a heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum and features a chain-less and sprocket-less direct drive system and lifetime core warranty. Forward facing controls provide easy access to both the pump and the hose reel from one location, while maintaining a driver’s side fill well for easy mixing of chemicals.

Master Manufacturing, a brand of Valley Industries, manufactures a full line of sprayers from handhelds to 200-gallon units. The Space Saver Sprayer is one of several new professional sprayers introduced by the company.

Leaf Supreme Products

Leaf Supreme Products recently introduced its new pest control product CritterProof by Leaf Supreme. Many homes throughout the nation have a gap between the edge of the roof and the gutter to promote attic ventilation. This gap is known as the fascia or construction gap. This patent-pending design changes the process of excluding pest entry through the fascia gap, Leaf Supreme says. It is the first product specifically designed to provide complete coverage of the fascia gap, while maintaining attic ventilation and also providing a professional level of gutter protection, the company adds.

Other gutter protection products also may cover this gap. However, they generally require gutters to be lowered to allow installation under the second row of shingles. This greatly adds to the expense for the homeowner and time spent by the installer, the firm says. CritterProof by Leaf Supreme fits existing gutters. The height of the back of the panel can be adjusted easily to cover the fascia gap by the contractor by following pre-cut horizontal slits or by bending the panel and sliding it under the first row of shingles.

The introduction of CritterProof by Leaf Supreme marks the result of 20 years of experience and innovation in gutter protection, as well as pest control, the firm says.