Feb. 14-15: Delaware Pest Control Association’s 58 Annual Short Course, University of Delaware, Newark. Contact: dpcasec@yahoo.com, call 302/736-2668 or visit www.dpca.net.

Feb. 26-March 2: American Mosquito Control Association’s 84 Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Mo. Contact: www.mosquito.org or 856/439-9222.

March 6-8: Pest Management Canada, Presented by SPMAO, CPMA and NPMA, Toronto. Contact: NPMA, 703/352-6762 or visit www.npmapestworld.org.

March 18-20: NPMA’s Legislative Day 2018, Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C. Contact: See March 6.

March 23-24: Discovery Retreats “Raise Your Profits Weekend,” Dallas, Texas. Contact: www.raiseyourprofitsweekend.com.

April 17-19: UPFDA 50 Anniversary Celebration/Spring Conference, Chicago. Contact: www.upfda.com.

April 25: PCT’s Mosquito Virtual Event. Contact: http://mosquito.pctonline.com.

June 4-6: Third Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety, presented by NPMA and the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations, Portugal. Contact: See March 6.

June 5-6: 2018 IPM for Food Plants Seminar “Advancements in Pest Management Strategies,” Hershey, Pa. Contact: 866/875-PEST or visit www.collinspestmgt.com.

June 12-13: PCT’s Fifth Top 100 Awards Ceremony and Executive Summit, Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, S.C. Invitation to qualifying companies to come. Contact: 800/456-0707.

June 12-14: 13 Fumigants & Pheromones Conference, Indianapolis, Ind. Contact: www.insectslimited.com.