Diversity Is Key As Our Industry Grows

Stephanie Jensen

Since 2015, BASF has been proud to sponsor an annual survey in cooperation with PCT and the National Pest Management Association devoted to addressing key issues of importance to pest management professionals. The first of these research studies was titled “Benchmarking Your Business,” featuring an operating cost ratio survey designed to allow PMPs to compare their business costs and financial performance against their industry peers. In 2016, we sponsored a “Compensation & Benefits” survey, and in 2017 we supported a “Business Outlook” research study. Last year we addressed a topic that is top-of-mind for virtually every PMP in North America — “Employee Recruitment & Retention.” The results of that survey offered information to PMPs about the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality employees, as well as possible solutions for addressing this industry-wide challenge.

This year, we switched gears to do a first-of-its-kind survey about diversity in the pest management industry. What does diversity mean to PMPs? Well, via interviews with owners and operators, we found it means something different to everyone. On the following pages we’ll explore the topic of diversity and its role in business success, particularly as it relates to the number one problem facing PMPs today, employee recruitment and retention.

Diversity creates openness — to cultural and demographic changes within our society — and to the needs and wishes of our customers. It also leads to innovation. Diverse cultural backgrounds, individual perspectives and experiences, and the various ways of approaching business challenges help us to solve problems faster and more creatively. While competitors can try to replicate our products and technologies, the aspect of BASF chemistry that is most uniquely our own is the powerful combination of our people and their ideas.

At BASF, we believe in the power of diversity to create rich connections with our people, our customers and our communities. Individuals with different backgrounds and experiences bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. Diversity makes us stronger, and leveraging our differences enables us to bring the best of BASF to everything we do. In short, diversity is our competitive advantage.

We hope you find the information featured in this special report beneficial to your business. The future of the industry is bright and BASF recognizes that each of you has a unique story to tell. For those PMPs interviewed for this special report, thank you for sharing your market insights. We’ll look forward to hearing from others as we continue the conversation on this important topic.

Best wishes for a successful 2019!

Stephanie Jensen

Director, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions