Nearly half of PMPs (46 percent) believe that employees of different backgrounds are encouraged to apply for higher positions within their companies, found the 2018 PCT- NPMA Workplace Diversity Survey. Most (65 percent) do not take specific actions to retain diverse employees, although 19 percent say they create a company culture where diversity is valued.

Additionally, 8 percent actively mentor diverse employees, 6 percent use compensation incentives like signing bonuses, and 3 percent invest in company-wide diversity training programs.

Sprague Pest Solutions offers two leadership development programs.

“We provide equal opportunities and encourage all people to raise their lid and be able to pursue an opportunity in management,” said Leila Haas.

Rose Pest Solutions has a Technician Action Committee to give employees a voice and help them move into leadership and decision-making roles.

“If you feel included in the team, your voice is heard, then you feel you can grow with the company,” said Faye Golden, Cook’s Pest Control. “If you still feel like an outsider and you’ve been there three to four years, then you’re probably like, well, let me find something else to do,” she said.

Pugh Earthworks creates new service lines and spins off companies, like Rosie’s Pest Control, to give employees opportunities for growth and advancement. “All of the branch managers have come up through the ranks,” explained Pugh. Promoting employees from within is the best way to ensure the management ranks are diverse, he said.