Innovative Pest Control Products

Innovative Pest Control Products recently introduced the Ant Café Pro refillable insect bait station. The manufacturer reports that the Ant Café Pro offers PMPs the following:

  • Twice the volume of the Ant Café for larger bait placements.
  • A built-in locking mechanism for convenience and safety.
  • A tighter seal to keep gel and liquid baits fresher longer.
  • An adjustable entryway that allows large ants and small roaches to access the bait.
  • Polypropylene construction; built tough for many months of use.
  • Triangular shape allows inconspicuous placement on window sills and counters.
  • Double-sided tape provides secure placement.

Ant Café Pro is sold in air-tight Ziplock bags to prevent odor contamination. There are 48 bait stations with a built-in locking mechanism and 48 double-sided tapes per bag. There are 10 bags in a case and the cost is comparable to the original Ant Café Refillable bait station, the company says.

The Ant Café Pro Refillable Insect Bait Station used in conjunction with Green Way Liquid Ant Bait or Gourmet Ant Bait Gel allows PMPs to protect the environment and increase effectiveness in ant management, Innovative Pest Control Products says. Ant Café Pro allows ants to access the bait and return safely to their nests where they share the bait with the colony, the manufacturer reports.



MGK says its Shockwave 1 Flushing, Killing & Residual Aerosol offers convenience and performance. This new aerosol flushes, leaves an adulticide with residual and contains an IGR. Shockwave 1 Aerosol can be applied in food-handling areas and even sprays upside down so PMPs can apply in tough-to-reach locations, the company says.

Shockwave 1 Aerosol eliminates the need for a second residual application, the manufacturer reports. It simplifies training, reduces waste and saves time and money, the company adds. PMPs can use the product in food and non-food areas of restaurants, commercial buildings, homes and more.

Shockwave 1 Aerosol features:

  • Quick flush, quick kill and residual.
  • All-in-one product — combines killing agents pyrethrum and bifenthrin, synergists piperonyl butoxide (PBO) and MGK 264, with NyGuard IGR for maximum control.
  • NyGuard IGR effectively breaks the life cycle of labeled pests.
  • For use indoors and outdoors.
  • For use in food and non-food areas.
  • For use in food processing and food stor- age areas.
  • Doesn’t drip or leak, even when sprayed upside down.



WorkWave announced its aim to reestablish its focus on customer experience, both through initiatives that further its position as a strategic partner to its customers, as well as with new features and functionality to promote better end user engagement. WorkWave says it is committed to providing the tools and insight to enable its customers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Along with its reestablished commitment to customers across multiple fronts, WorkWave says it is rolling out updated features that have a fresh, new look and feel, as well as new WorkWave PestPac branding.

WorkWave PestPac says it recently unveiled a number of new features that are geared toward the end user, ensuring that they are receiving timely and quality service, and keeping them coming back for more. These features include:

  • Sales Assistant: A convenient way for customers to select, schedule and pay for services right through a pest control operator’s website. Sales assistant provides 24/7 customer accessibility to a business online.
  • Route Op: Includes a new visual optimization tool that allows the user to make subtle adjustments to routes, as well as a new flexible workday calendar to add custom dates or holiday schedules. With Route Op, users have the ability to compare cost statistics, view drive time and mileage from each stop and edit constraints right from the map.
  • CustomerConnect Portal: Features a dashboard that provides convenient access to important documents and bills through targeted communications.
  • EPay: A simplified payment process where customers will receive their invoice via text or email, allowing for payment right through the link with no login.


Control Solutions

Control Solutions says its D-Fense NXT is formulated with three active ingredients, providing three modes of action for quick knockdown and residual control of bed bugs and other listed pests.

D-Fense NXT breaks the life cycle of bed bugs and other listed pests. The product has no PPE requirements and contains 0.20 percent novaluron, 0.06 percent deltamethrin and 0.02 percent pyriproxyfen. D-Fense NXT is available in a 15-ounce can with 360-degree valve and dual spray and straw applicator.


Peak Industries/Diversified Plastics Industries

The E-Cap is designed to prevent rodents, birds and other pests from entering homes through roof vent pipes. Its unique patented design allows it to fit 1.5, 2 and 3 inches quickly and easily and also helps protect against damaging moisture and debris from entering the pipe.

Peak Industries, the manufacturer of the E-Cap vent and flue pipe cap, and Diversified Plastics Industries (DPI), have a marketing partnership. DPI and Diversified Sales & Marketing will handle sales, marketing and distribution of the new E-Cap exclusion product to the pest management industry.


TAP Pest Control Insulation

California pest management and wildlife professionals who have considered adding TAP Pest Control Insulation to their current line-up of add-on services or those already offering TAP Pest Control Insulation have a new opportunity to expand their business. The makers of TAP Pest Control Insulation have secured California-based True Heat Solutions as a new sub-contractor.

“Subcontracting with True Heat Solutions allows PMPs to do what they do best,” explains Bill Turk, founder and CEO of Pest Control Insulation. “Once a TAP Pest Control Insulation job is sold, the install itself is handled by True Heat Solutions as the pest control company’s sub-contractor.”

True Heat Solutions is a family-owned contractor providing services to various industries. Understanding the unique trust built between pest management professionals and their customers, TAP says True Heat Solutions approaches each job with the sensitivity needed to serve as an extension of the pest management team. True Heat does not sell TAP Pest Control Insulation directly to homeowners. “We help our partners grow their business with the confidence that they have chosen the right company with which to partner,” says Cory Reynolds, vice president, operations and sales, True Heat Solutions.

This new venture offers PCOs the opportunity to offer TAP Pest Control Insulation without any start-up costs as well as provides those already offering TAP a partner when back-up is needed in temporary cases of equipment, scheduling or staffing challenges.


Modern AC Products

The Dauber Stopper is a protective screen that fits onto existing emergency A/C or water heater drain lines. It guards against debris and keeps insects like mud daubers from entering the line and clogging it with their nests. The manufacturer says the Dauber Stopper is a great crossover product that would serve as an excellent upsell opportunity for pest management professionals.

Modern AC Products says the Dauber Stopper provides customers with protection from a clogged emergency drain line and costly water damage, a proactive pest control service and a more finished appearance for the home, as opposed to unsightly exposed drain lines.



SenesTech announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the removal of “Restricted Use Only” from the label of ContraPest, a rat fertility control bait.

“Our planned market evolution of ContraPest involved the initial deployment of the product by applicators licensed for Restricted Use products. After two years of selling effort and early deployment the ‘voice of our customer’ became that an RUP label was cumbersome and inexplicable due to its safety profile. Approximately 30-50 percent of PMPs initially approached would not use Restricted Use Pesticides as a matter of policy and/or practice. We intend to improve our market potential immediately via this label improvement,” said Dr. Loretta P. Mayer, SenesTech’s CEO and co-founder.

The ContraPest label will now include a statement, “Intended for Professional Use Only.” With this EPA approval, SenesTech says it intends to seek state approvals of the new label.


Text Request

Text Request is an online text messaging service for pest control companies. Customers rarely answer phone calls or respond to emails, but 99 percent of texts are read, usually within just a few minutes, Text Request says. Text Request gives PMPs the ability to reach who they need when they need.

Multiple users can log in to a shared dashboard from any device to send and receive texts through their current office phone number. The software can be used by firms of all sizes, whether they are five-person or 5,000-person firms, Text Request says. Text Request’s SMS Chat and Click-to-Text buttons can help generate new leads from PCO websites and Google. PCOs can schedule and keep more appointments with Text Request, send promotions that earn high returns, keep up with technicians in the field, and get far more online reviews, the company says. was introduced to the pest control industry at NPMA PestWorld 2018. says its website makes it easy for pest companies to find, organize and manage pest product labels and SDSs. With LabelSDS, pest management professionals won’t have to worry about whether their company’s labels are up to date, the firm says. PMPs can create their own company label and SDS database that automatically updates when label revisions or supplemental labels are added. All product labels and SDSs are available to office staff and technicians from a computer, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Removing old labels or adding new product labels to a company’s product list is easy with the click of a button, the company says. helps PMPs stay compliant with local, state and federal laws by helping them stay up to date with label changes. has more than 3,200 product labels and SDSs.



Ensystex offers Vectothor ultraviolet light (UV) Tester, a small but powerful tool to measure UV-A output. It allows users to measure the amount of UV-A light emitted by UV-A lamps, thus ensuring electronic fly lamps are working efficiently. The tester simply plugs into the headphone socket on a smartphone, providing the data PMPs need to ensure their lamps are working to keep customers’ premises free of flying insects.



PestTrend is a cloud service for pest control companies that will help them and their clients with easy report generation, data analysis and Integrated Pest Management, the firm says. PestTrend is an advanced cloud-based reporting tool that can be smoothly integrated with an existing website to enable PMPs to extend detailed pest control reporting to their clients online. PestTrend allows PMPs to offer their clients a convenient, self-serving customer portal so that clients can log in and access their service records from any internet-connected device. The tailored dashboard will allow clients to review and analyze their visit reports, generate bespoke reports and more. The service will leverage the branding quotient for pest control companies by attaching their firm logo to every report generated by their clients through the dashboard.

PestTrend also is designed to make multiple location management easier than ever for PMPs working in various regions. The service can centralize data from every location served by the user to help pest management professionals with convenient and faster tracking of multiple service areas, PestTrend says.