At pest control companies that have programs to develop, promote and/or retain diverse employees, 40 percent of PMPs said these programs have helped to increase company profits, according to the 2018 Workplace Diversity Survey conducted for PCT and NPMA.

Even without special programs, companies economically benefit from workplace diversity, said PMPs in follow-up interviews.

“It has a huge impact on our bottom line,” said Emilio Polce, president of Eco Choice Termite & Pest Control, Vernon, Conn.

“Diversity brings with it inherently diverse ideas,” explained Curtis Rand, vice president of operations, Rose Pest Solutions, Northfield, Ill. “We learn more about customers and more about ourselves the more diverse we are as a population in the industry,” he said.

Different points of view help companies better understand their customers and tailor services to boost customer retention. “The more opinions that we have from different backgrounds the better off we’re going to be,” said Polce.

Billy Olesen, operations manager of Chuck Sullivan Exterminators in Olympia, Wash., added, “Diversity is meant to take us out of our comfort zone.” PMPs said this can help drive business growth.

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