Stephanie Jensen

Since 2015, BASF has been proud to sponsor an annual survey, in cooperation with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and PCT magazine, devoted to addressing key issues of importance to the pest control industry. The first of these research studies was titled “Benchmarking Your Business,” featuring an operating cost ratio survey designed to allow PMPs to compare their business expenses and financial performance against their industry peers. In 2016, we sponsored a “Compensation and Benefits” survey. In subsequent years, we’ve supported “Business Outlook” and “Employee Recruitment and Retention” surveys in our ongoing effort to be good stewards of the pest management industry.

Last year, we addressed the topic of “Workplace Diversity” in a first- of-its-kind survey that has proven beneficial in the ongoing work of NPMA’s Diversity Council. As we continue to address the critical topic of employee recruitment and retention, this year we partnered with PCT and NPMA on a “Job Satisfaction” survey in an attempt to gauge workplace attitudes on a wide range of topics critical to the long-term success of every pest control business. In addition to assessing job satisfaction levels throughout the industry, we asked about on-the-job stress, advancement opportunities, job security, employee recognition and workplace safety, which all play a role in how satisfied or dissatisfied employees are at any given time in their careers.

“People want to have a purpose. They don’t want just a job,” says Leila Haas, director of human resources at Sprague Pest Solutions, Tacoma, Wash., who was interviewed for this special report. “They feel satisfied when they feel like they’re making a difference in the world.” And that’s our goal at BASF, to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and the pest control industry as a whole. BASF is driven by the principles of innovation, sustainability and collaboration. As a result, we’re constantly investing the research and development dollars necessary to produce cutting-edge products and services designed to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

We hope you find the information featured in this special report beneficial to your business. The future of the industry is bright and BASF recognizes each of you has something important to contribute. For those PMPs interviewed for this special report, thank you for sharing your market insights. We’ll look forward to hearing from others as we continue the conversation on this important topic.

Best wishes for a successful 2020!

Stephanie Jensen

Director, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions