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Additional Big Blue Bug Photos

This month’s Rearview tells the story of how Big Blue Bug Solutions has lit up the landmark 58 foot-tall, two-ton big blue termite that is perched atop the Big Blue Bug building in Providence, Rhode Island. Visit “online extras” on the PCT Online homepage for additional photos of the lighting ceremony.

Most Downloaded from PCT Online in 2019

It’s been another busy year for the PCT Online staff, reporting on pest control industry news, and providing compelling multimedia. Here’s a look at the most downloaded articles and audio/video files, as reported by Google Analytics.

Most downloaded articles:
  • Foam: Friend or Foe?
  • 2019 PCT Top 100 List
  • Rollins Acquires Clark Pest Control
  • RodeXit Pest Control Strips Launched
  • Rethinking German Cockroach Control
  • Certus Enters Pest Control Market with Pair of Acquisitions
  • Rentokil Acquires Florida Pest Control
  • Seven Tips for Quickly Eliminating Large Ant Infestations
  • AntiCimex Acquires JP McHale Pest Management
  • NC State Study: ‘Bug Bombs’ Are Ineffective Killing Roaches Indoors
Most downloaded audio/video files:
  • Video: Trail Camera Captures Rats Chewing on Electrical Wire
  • Video: Terminix Service Presents The World’s Largest Ant Farm
  • Podcast: Rodent Control and the ActiveSense System
  • Video: PCT Vehicle Wrap Contest
  • Podcast: Selling Pest Control Services
  • Podcast: Pest Experts Chats, Episode 1: Mosquitoes
  • Podcast: Rodents of Unusual Size
  • YouTube: This Ant Moves Faster Than Any Animal on Earth
  • Podcast: What to Know About Occasional Invaders
  • Audio Recording: Pricing Wildlife Jobs


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