Dr. Jamel Sandidge, Ph.d., BCE, Innovation Platform Leader, Nisus Corporation
1. What exactly is Foam Fresh?

Foam Fresh is a “green” bio-cleaner specialized in reducing and preventing organic buildup such as fats, oils, grease, proteins and grime, which in turn eliminates odors and helps to counteract substandard sanitation practices, the goal being a safe and clean environment. It comes in a convenient 18-ounce aerosol can and can be applied as a surface spray or applied into drains by using the included 17-inch hose — even going past the p-trap. Both sprays have a 360-degree application.

Foam Fresh contains beneficial microbial spores that are microscopic living organisms in a dormant form. Once they are applied to a favorable environment (moist areas with organic debris) they begin to reproduce rapidly. These activated microbes continuously produce enzymes to digest and consume the organic debris, which eliminates the source of the problem and prevents odors. Once the conducive conditions are gone, the microbes go dormant again, but can become reactive if the conditions return.

Foam Fresh’s beneficial microbes digest and eliminate the biofilm and scum found in both residential and commercial accounts. This includes drains and pipes, waste in garbage disposals and the filth left behind in trash bins. It also helps to remove and prevent sludge and buildup in dumpsters and trash chutes, and removes organic residue from floors, equipment legs and other cracks and crevices where standard cleaning may not reach.

2. How do I use it in commercial or residential accounts?

Remember, bio-sanitation products are not pesticides, but as part of this unique class of bio-cleaners, Foam Fresh is another great tool in the IPM tool kit. In commercial kitchens it helps to keep pipes flowing and decreases organic deposits on walls, equipment and other surfaces, which decreases backups, slippery or flooded floors and other conducive factors. In residential accounts it reduces the scum found around AC lines and floor drains. It eliminates organic matter and foul odors that build up in washing machine drain lines, garbage disposals, toilets and sink drains.

3. Why should I use Foam Fresh in commercial or residential accounts?

Foam Fresh gives pest management professionals another way to expand their businesses during regular service calls. When you first enter an account there are many issues running through your mind and dozens of microenvironments to investigate. Once you remove a drain plate, smell the familiar scent of decay, remove a sink stopper or shine a flashlight into a garbage disposal to see the layer of grime, you will immediately see where Foam Fresh has a place in your company’s initial service protocol and IPM strategy for both commercial and residential accounts.

Accounts that do not perform adequate regular cleaning can also benefit greatly from the addition of Foam Fresh bio-sanitation to your service protocol because it will continue to work around the clock in countless areas to digest and remove organic matter.

4. Can I use Nisus DSV, Nibor-D, an IGR or other insecticide along with Foam Fresh?

IGRs and insecticides can be used alongside bio-sanitation products. However, disinfectants and sanitizers must be applied prior to these products, as they will damage the beneficial microbe spores and kill existing beneficial colonies. Sanitizers only last for a short period of time. Therefore, they can be used to kill pathogens, then thoroughly flushed or rinsed from areas before Foam Fresh is applied.

5. How can I increase my revenue using Foam Fresh?

Using Foam Fresh during initial services or as a closing tool to obtain accounts is a way to set your business apart from the competition. Just as spider web removal has become an integral part of exterior perimeter service, bio-sanitation service will become an integral part of interior service and initial account evaluation. In addition to adding it as a regular service, you can also offer Foam Fresh to customers to use for their own ongoing cleaning maintenance. Bio-sanitation products such as Foam Fresh are beneficial for your company and your clientele.

Foam Fresh is packaged in an 18-ounce can and includes both drain and a full cone actuators featuring an up-down valve allowing a 360-degree application. Every can comes with a 3.3mm 17-inch hose.
Foam Fresh’s 17-inch hose is long enough to push past a drain’s p-trap, allowing you to reach the pipe with the foam.
The 3.3mm wide hose included with Foam Fresh is small enough to fit through drain plates so you don’t have to remove them, saving you time and money.