For the most part, PMPs expect a repeat of last year’s flea control season.

According to the PCT 2021 State of the Flea Control Market survey, 58 percent predicted revenue from the service would remain the same as in 2020, while more than a third (34 percent) anticipated an increase in flea revenue.

Wetter, warmer weather in some regions will help. “We didn’t have much of a winter. I suspect that it’s going to be a good flea season for us,” said Kerry Lindsey, Terminix Service Company.

The loosening of pandemic-related travel restrictions may have more people visiting with their pets and bringing home fleas, added Dan Ledbetter, owner of Eagle Pest Control “The Ant King of Brevard.”

The continued shift to remote work will have an impact, as well. “You’ll see an increase in work just because people are noticing things a lot more because they are home so much,” said Glenn Fordham, Olympic Pest & Termite Control.