New Wil-Kil dog Jack and his handler, Rick Schoenig.

In 2009, Wil-Kil Pest Control was the first pest control company to obtain a bed bug detection canine for hire in the state of Wisconsin.

A lot was riding on Max, and thanks to him the company built a successful canine program; many other companies have followed suit. The program was so successful that Wil-Kil’s bed bug services revenue has grown 280% since 2009. Since then, Max has touched thousands of clients throughout the Midwest and helped them get through the stressful experience of bed bugs, by comforting them with his cuteness, lovable personality and hard work. As just one example of how Max touched the lives of many of his clients, in a hospital, Max ran up to a sick child and put the biggest smile on her face.

With Max’s retirement, Wil-Kil is adding a new bed bug canine to its team, Jack. Jack will be joining Wil-Kil’s other bed bug canines, Daisy and Bull, as they sniff out bed bugs across the Midwest.

Thanks Max!

Wil-Kil’s canine dog Max retired after seven years of finding bed bugs and bringing smiles to customers’ faces.