Dr. Janis Reed, Technical Services Manager
1. Why is ProFlex® a great choice for mosquito management? 

Brand new from Control Solutions, Inc., ProFlex® is a Combination Chemistry® encapsulated solution designed with the PMP in mind. With long-lasting, effective control, ProFlex® is an excellent choice for backyard mosquito misting programs. Featuring CapVantage Technology, the encapsulated active ingredients release both quickly for fast knockdown, and slower for long-lasting residual control. The addition of 2 IGRs to the formulation helps to manage the next generation of pests.

2. What makes ProFlex® unique?

What makes ProFlex® unique is its simplicity. ProFlex® has simple mixing rates of 1 oz or 2 oz for most pests. Technicians don’t have to decide about pest activity levels or site — just which pest they are targeting. This means less waste and fewer mistakes. ProFlex® also features three unique modes of action, so it is an excellent tool in the fight against resistance development. Its active ingredients help manage today’s active, biting mosquitoes AND the next generation of annoying pests with one simple solution.

3. Why does ProFlex® contain 2 IGRs rather than just 1?

The combination of 2 IGRs, pyriproxyfen and novaluron, have shown to be more effective than using pyriproxyfen alone to manage the next generation of mosquitoes. The combination of these active ingredients helps PMPs to manage the next generation of mosquitoes with one easy application.

4. How long does ProFlex® last?

Independent tests performed show that ProFlex® continues to work for more than 90 days, even in tough conditions such as hard-to-kill pests, porous surfaces, high heat, and heavy rainfall.

5. Is ProFlex® a good choice for other pests or general pest control?

Absolutely. ProFlex® is an excellent choice for exterior perimeter general pest management, outdoor flea management, outdoor tick control, and outdoor cockroach management. Additionally, ProFlex® is labeled for use indoors as a crack and crevice or spot application, so only one product is necessary for both uses. ProFlex® is as versatile as it is effective.