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PMPs and distributors have always shared a close relationship. Distributors provide products and equipment to PMPs so that they’re successful in the field. They educate PMPs about the latest products and application techniques while also providing insight into new training programs in the pest control industry. In turn, PMPs have historically shown a strong loyalty to their primary distributor. To discover more about the current state of these mutually beneficial relationships, PCT asked PMPs about their distributors.

In a 2019 survey, PCT found that 66 percent of PMPs believe the quality of distribution in the pest management industry is above average or excellent, which is up one percent from the 2018 survey.

PMPs generally remain loyal to their primary distributors because they know how important distribution is to their business. In fact, in 2019, PCT found that 42 percent of PMP respondents said that their relationship with distributors has become more important to their business than it was three years ago, a 5 percent decrease from 2018’s numbers. In 2019, 41 percent said distributors have remained just as important to their business, up three percent from 2018’s 38 percent.

Additionally, 87 percent of PMPs told PCT that they purchase products from one to three distributors, which is up from 2018’s 85 percent. Eleven percent purchase from four or more distributors.

Regardless of how many distributors they purchase products from, 72 percent of PMPs surveyed in 2019 said they are loyal or very loyal to their distributors. That number is down slightly from 2018’s 75 percent.