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Colorado Tri-Flo Signs Distribution Agreement with Oldham Chemicals


LONGMONT, Colo. — Colorado Tri-Flo announced a distribution agreement with Oldham Chemicals Company. Colorado Tri-Flo says this agreement further expands the availability of its bed bug thermal solutions to the professional pest management market.

“Tri-Flo’s Eradi-Flo line of electric bed bug heaters combined with our residual chemical application provide our pest control customers with an effective Integrated Pest Management solution to eradicate bed bugs,” said Tommy Reeves, president, Oldham Chemicals Company.

“Oldham Chemicals Company understands the importance of heat as part of an overall IPM strategy to eradicate bed bugs. Oldham provides an excellent footprint to reach professional pest managers with our thermal bed bug solutions,” said Pete Dame, vice president of sales, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems.

Tri-Flo says its solutions are effective, environmentally friendly and are ETL certified and bear the CE Mark. Using patented airflow technology, the company’s thermal solutions generate the heat and airflow necessary to kill bed bugs.

Oldham Chemicals Co. has 14 service centers located throughout the Southeast in eight states. The company was formed in 1966 by Millard Oldham and his wife, Ada, as a full-service, family-oriented specialty distribution company.

Univar Acquisition of Nexeo Solutions Creates Univar Solutions


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — Univar announced on March 1 that it had completed the acquisition of Nexeo Solutions, creating a leading global chemical and ingredients solutions provider. The combined company will conduct business as Univar Solutions, reflecting a commitment to combining the “best of the best” from each legacy organization.

“Univar Solutions is uniquely positioned to drive growth and deliver significant value for shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees,” said David Jukes, Univar Solutions president and chief executive officer. “Together, we have the ability to redefine chemical and ingredients distribution, to deliver superior growth for our partners, people and shareholders.”

“Today is the beginning of an exciting journey, bringing together two great companies to create Univar Solutions, a company with the vision to redefine distribution and be the most valued chemical and ingredient distributor on the planet. Our new brand name reflects our commitment to combine the best qualities of each legacy company to create an innovative industry leader,” said Jukes. “Together, we will be a committed ally for our wide range of customers and suppliers, with the broad array of capabilities and deep know-how to help their businesses run smoothly, and the expertise to help them anticipate, navigate and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.”

Univar Solutions will provide customers with easy access to a broad selection of products from leading suppliers. Through a growing portfolio of value-added services, Univar Solutions says it will go beyond distribution to help accelerate innovation and efficiency in operations. Backed by industry-leading digital tools and a global network of 17 solution centers, the company says it will help create novel formulations and recipes that distinguish brands in the marketplace.

In addition to announcing the name under which the company will operate going forward, Univar unveiled the Univar Solutions brand identity and logo, downloadable at www.univarsolutions.com.

Jukes added, “Our new logo represents a commitment to constructive partnerships and collaborations with our customers and suppliers. It also reflects an updated mission of streamlining, innovating and growing through values that will govern our new company: serious about safety, where people matter, we’re valuable to others, where we do what we say and together we win.”

Target Specialty Products the Exclusive Distributor for Imperium


SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. — Target Specialty Products will be the exclusive distributor for Imperium, a new aerial mosquito control solution from Bayer.

Bayer says it continues to invest heavily in groundbreaking solutions, ongoing research, training and education to help mosquito control professionals around the globe fight against mosquitoes that may carry disease. Imperium is an aerial insecticide that utilizes patented formulation technology to deliver superior efficacy with low application rates, reduced impact and an all-crop tolerance, Bayer says.

Imperium is also the first and only Type II pyrethroid (deltamethrin) registered in the U.S. for wide area mosquito control. Bayer says deltamethrin has been proven to effectively control resistant mosquitoes in nationwide testing. Bayer says the benefits of the product include:

Superior efficacy with low application rates. Imperium provides excellent control and knockdown using low application rates — up to 80 times less active ingredient than other products; this significantly reduces the amount of pesticide released into the environment, Bayer reports.

Low impact, noncorrosive. Imperium is non-corrosive and has no PBO and no VOCs.

All crop tolerance. Imperium is labeled for application over any and all crops including range and pasture lands. This gives mosquito abatement professionals the flexibility to control mosquitoes in a wide variety of environments.

Effective against resistant mosquitoes. Imperium is the only Type-II pyrethroid labeled for wide-area mosquito control, according to Bayer. Its chemistry and advanced formulation provide exceptional control of mosquitoes with demonstrated resistance to other pyrethroids and/or organophosphates, Bayer reports. Imperium has been tested by public health officials across the United States, and it is effective against numerous species of disease-carrying mosquitoes, according to Bayer.

“We continue to build on our close relationship with Bayer to bring to market the latest solutions to deliver proven control of mosquitoes, developed with reduced environmental impact and safety in mind,” said David Helt, president of Target Specialty Products. “Imperium is the most advanced product in its class and we believe our customers will be excited to add this innovative product to fight against mosquitoes effectively.”

“We are very excited to offer Imperium through Target Specialty Products,” said Dr. Kurt Vandock, head of public health for Bayer. “Imperium is a great example of how, at Bayer, our passion for protecting public health can result in a novel solution that is innovative, effective and aligned with our global commitment to environmental stewardship.”

To help deliver this new innovation to the market, Bayer has partnered exclusively with Target Specialty Products to be the sole distributor of Imperium. The companies said Target Specialty brings experience and expertise in the area of aerial applications, along with an energetic team that will help deliver a successful solution to its customers.

Valent BioSciences, ADAPCO Form Strategic Partnership


LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — Valent BioSciences (VBC), a global leader in biorational solutions for public health, forest health and agriculture, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with ADAPCO, the world’s largest distributor of products to the professional mosquito control industry. As part of the agreement, ADAPCO will become the exclusive distributor of VBC’s broad range of biological-based mosquito control technologies in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.

The move aligns two of public health’s most respected companies in an effort to better serve vector management programs across the U.S. and Caribbean.

“This partnership creates an exciting future for VBC’s Public Health business, its customers and the people we protect,” said Steve Krause, global business director for VBC’s public health and forestry businesses. “We operate in a highly technical industry, and ADAPCO’s proven history of excellence in the design and operation of equipment, field support, customer service and the handling of our solutions made it a clear choice going forward.”