FiberTrap’s bed bug monitor traps bed bugs by deploying a microfiber cloud to ensnare the hairs on bed bugs’ legs. The product attracts bed bugs using FiberTrap’s own aggregation pheromone to continuously attract and trap bed bugs using no pesticides, the company says. FiberTrap is exempt from FIFRA requirements. Recommended use for the product is pre- and post-bed bug treatment and for preventive maintenance in multi-unit structures. FiberTrap sells the product directly and through industry distributors.


Pest Control Insulation

Pest Control Insulation (PCI) announced it now offers Cool Machines to support multiple add-on service programs featuring EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation. The new line of insulation blowers and vacuums includes the CM1500 blower, the CM700 blower, the CV23 vacuum, the CV16 vacuum, and both the VacSaver and the VacSaver Economy modules. The Cool Machines offer a wide range of versatility and creates a solution for pest management professionals who offer attic capping and attic restoration services, the firm says.

Cool Machines was established in 2004 and is a highly regarded manufacturer of insulation blowing machines, the company says. Founded by Dave Krendl and Andy Schulte, Cool Machines combines complete management skill and experience with innovative engineering designs. PCI says all machinery is offered with a one-year warranty and is reliable, dependable and competitively priced.



Easy Blend is Avitrol’s mixed grains formulation, pre-measured for use at sites where operators are baiting for birds with a goal of no kill. This product is labeled for pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds and grackles. With a permit in the U.S., it also can be used to treat seagulls, ravens, magpies and vultures. This product is used to permanently discourage flocks of birds from gathering in unwanted places, the company says. It comes pre-measured in a 6-gallon pail to ensure proper blend ratio, Avitrol reports.



Syngenta recently announced that the non-repellent Altriset termiticide has been registered in Hawaii. “For years, Altriset has provided excellent termite control for PMPs in the continental U.S.,” explained Marshall Gaster, market manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta. “We’re thrilled to finally bring the efficacy of Altriset to our customers dealing with challenging subterranean and drywood termites on the Hawaiian Islands.”

While Altriset has been registered as a restricted use pesticide in Hawaii, it is the only liquid soil-applied termiticide currently federally registered by the Environmental Protection Agency under its Reduced-Risk Pesticide Program with no signal word on the label, Syngenta reports.

“Termites are stressful for homeowners, no matter where they live,” said Eric Paysen, technical services manager for PPM at Syngenta. “With this new Altriset registration, PMPs in Hawaii can now feel confident with a fast-acting solution that can help ease their customers’ concerns.”



The Danish company RodeXit has granted an authorized distributorship for its rodent- resistant door sweeps and proofing strips to Bug Off Pest Control Center, the New-York-based supplier and training firm. RodeXit says its products are high-quality rodent-proofing tools that are easy to install, transport and store; save labor and time; and are durable and cost-effective. Linares said, “The future of rodent control is exclusion; and the future of exclusion is RodeXit.”



Liphatech has introduced Flatline Soft Bait to the company’s portfolio of soft bait products. Liphatech says Flatline is the first and only soft bait rodenticide containing the active ingredient chlorophacinone. As chlorophacinone is a first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, Flatline is a multiple-feed soft bait that effectively kills rats and mice, the company says. Flatline maintains its integrity in hot environments, is attractive to rats and mice, and can be used for light to heavy rodent activity.

Flatline Soft Bait is packaged in a 28-gram soft bait pouch that can be secured with bait rods or feeding devices, such as SoftSecure Technology (SST). As with all Liphatech soft baits, Flatline is made without nuts or seeds to reduce debris and service time for PMPs.

Flatline Soft Bait rodenticide is available to PMPs in 4-pound individual bags of 28-gram pouches or in eight-bag cases. Specifically, Flatline can be used to target Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, deer mice and other rodent species as listed on the product label. Vitamin K is the antidote for Flatline. Registration is pending in California, Hawaii, Maine and South Dakota.



Streamlight has introduced the MacroStream USB, which the company says is a compact, lightweight personal light that provides exceptional performance for its size, delivering 500 lumens, two hours of run time on high and eight hours on low. Weighing only 2.2 ounces, the MacroStream USB combines brightness and USB rechargeability with features that include a removable, two-way pocket/hat clip; a tail cap switch that provides one-handed operation of the light’s momentary or constant on operation; and high and low beams, Streamlight reports.

Measuring 4.5 inches, the new light includes an 800 mAh lithium ion battery that fully recharges in four hours via a USB port housed under a sliding metal sleeve. Red and green LEDs indicate charging status.

On the high setting, the new light also delivers 2,000 candela over a 90-meter beam distance. On low, the MacroStream USB offers 50 lumens, 220 candela, and a beam distance of 30 meters.