Xcluder has two new products: Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals and Xcluder Pest Control Block Caps. Xcluder’s Astragal Door Seals are designed to protect entry doors, sealing the gap between double doors or between a single door and its frame. Xcluder’s Pest Control Block Caps prevent rodents traveling and nesting within hollow block walls.

Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals protect the tiny gap between pairs of entry doors with a sturdy, 96-inch retainer and reinforced EPDM rubber gasket lined with Xcluder fill fabric — a patented combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber that is virtually impenetrable to rodents and other pests, the firm says. The retainer, available in aluminum or bronze and a choice of adhesive or hardware application, can be trimmed to accommodate handles, locks and shorter doors. The Xcluder-lined rubber gasket is available in black or grey and creates a durable weatherseal, Xcluder adds. Also available are new Glass Door Threshold Astragal Gap Seals, designed for double-swing doors where there is a gap at the threshold. These 6-inch seals are attached using a weather resistant, pressure attached adhesive strip and feature a heavy-duty reinforced EPDM rubber gasket and Xcluder core.

Xcluder Pest Control Block Caps help prevent rodents from living in cinderblock walls by covering their entry point. Ideal for new and existing construction, each 6- by 8-inch tin-plated steel cap features a stamped inset and overlapping design for quick and easy placement. Installation is simple, the firm says: four drops of landscape adhesive and no tools are required. Using two caps per block, the caps protect both the holes within each block and the opening created where two blocks meet. The caps will not rust and provide energy conservation benefits that match or exceed other cinderblock wall cappings, the manufacturer says.

Diversified Sales & Marketing


Until June 30, PMPs who buy one 24-count box of any size Green Drain floor drain trap seal will receive a $48 per box ($2 per unit) rebate direct from the manufacturer. The rebate is paid at the end of the program. Submit invoice copies for rebate payment to: CCJ/LLC Green Drain Products, Spring Rebate, P.O. Box 342, Farmington, NM 87499.

Syngenta Professional Pest Management


Syngenta Professional Pest Management announced Altriset termiticide is now labeled for control of drywood termites, in addition to eastern subterranean and Formosan termites. With this label addition, Altriset can help offer more complete termite control for PMPs and their businesses, the firm says.

To provide pest management professionals with greater flexibility in controlling termite infestations, the updated label also includes an expanded application rate range option to increase the amount of active ingredient per finished gallon of solution, from 0.05 percent to 0.1 percent. Upon application, Altriset paralyzes the mouthparts of termites within hours of exposure, stopping further damage immediately. In addition, its unique mode of action increases termites’ aggregation and grooming behavior, which allows affected termites to expose other colony members to the termiticide.

To control drywood termites, Altriset can be applied as a foam treatment to penetrate difficult-to-reach areas, such as inside wall voids and structural beams. In a study conducted by the University of California, Altriset achieved 100 percent control of Incisitermes minor drywood termites within one month of application, Syngenta reports.

Bird Barrier America


Bird Barrier America has released its 2016 Bird Control Catalog, which is replete with new products to make bird control installations faster and easier, the firm says. Some of the newly introduced products include: net magnets, black net rings, BirdSlide end caps and seam connectors, Bird-Shock cellular monitor, extension poles, Sparrow Trap Door pole mounting, and Trap Door Repeater.

Gotcha Sprayer Pro


Gotcha Sprayer Pro has unveiled a new Connector, which attaches to any standard threaded extension pole. The original connector fit on some poles, but not all of them, the firm says. 4Most Innovations designed a new Connector that not only fits any standard pole, but also includes a new attachable String Strap for easy storage. In addition, the Gotcha Sprayer Pro can now trigger the Gotcha Spray Bottle, a 16-ounce aluminum bottle can used and reused from the end of an extension pole.