On June 22, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (EDT), PCT will host the Virtual Small Fly Conference, which PMPs can attend from the comfort of their home or office. Industry experts will discuss how the small fly market has evolved over time, why small flies may be a symptom of a bigger problem and what the future may hold for PMPs when dealing with these flying pests. Featured speakers and sessions include:

Small Fly Control Case Histories by Stoy Hedges, Owner and President, Stoy Pest Consulting

Case histories offer valuable “real-world” insights for both new technicians and veteran practitioners of structural pest control. And no one is better suited to provide this type of training than Stoy Hedges, longtime technical director at Terminix, who launched his own consulting business in 2013. As the author of the PCT Field Guide for the Management of Structure-Infesting Flies, Hedges is uniquely qualified to share “real-world” examples of the most challenging fly infestations he has encountered in more than three decades in the field.


Small Flies in Commercial Accounts by Jeff Tucker, President, Entomology Associates In this entertaining and informative educational session, one of the country’s leading urban entomologists examines the biology, behavior and control of four common small flies — the phorid fly, fruit fly, moth fly and fungus gnat. “These four flies make up the vast majority of small fly problems typically encountered in commercial accounts,” Tucker observes. In this session you’ll learn why small flies aren’t generally the root of the problem in commercial accounts, but the symptom of a bigger problem — and what to do about it.


Small Fly Hot Spots in Residential and Commercial Accounts by Dr. Gerry Wegner, B.C.E., and Retired Technical Director, Varment Guard Environmental Services In this informative educational session, Dr. Gerry Wegner will discuss how the biology and behavior of small flies determines where these bothersome pests take up residence in residential and commercial accounts.