Editor’s note: Suppliers: If you offer new technology products for the pest control industry you would like to have highlighted in an upcoming issue, please send a press release and a high-resolution photo to jdorsch@gie.net.

Brother Mobile Solutions


Brother Mobile Solutions announced the launch of its PocketJet 7 mobile printer, a full-page mobile printing solution engineered to offer freedom to mobile workers spanning virtually any industry — and further enhance the print experience for pest management professionals. The printer’s unique Freedom Architecture ensures across-the-board software compatibility, resulting in instantaneous interoperability with smartphones, tablets and PCs built on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems. The new printer series includes models that are out-of-the-box ready to print, without the need for additional software development or OS drivers. Strategic advancements including support for Apple AirPrint wireless technology on the PJ-773 model and the Bluetooth PJ-763MFi model enables users to seamlessly print from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and are expected to appeal to a broader global customer base across a range of even more industries and applications, the company reports.

GPS Insight


GPS Insight is a technology provider of GPS fleet tracking software for pest control businesses. Using the GPS Insight Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions, customers realize a significant increase in efficiency and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations, the company reports. Businesses both small and large work with GPS Insight to solve their unique fleet challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs and reduced risk. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions that include a wide range of customized reports, alerts and other innovative features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.

Key Seven


Key Seven launched its new software, simply called “7,” in 2014. It is web-based software designed specifically for the pest control industry. 7 Software allows customers to manage customer relationships as well as other aspects of their business including sales, scheduling and field mobile communication. 7 Software prides itself on delivering standout customer service and developing partnerships with its customers, the firm says. Key Seven was born out of the pest control industry and the Key Seven team understands that not only do PCOs have to provide an excellent software tool, but they also have to have a strong relationship with the customer to know and understand their business needs.

New Image Software


New Image Software President Richard Jordan announced the release of SmartPest Paperless Office version 14.01. This version is totally compatible with the new 64-bit operating systems found on all new Mac and Windows computers, and it integrates with Google Calendar and Google Maps. This integration allows New Image Software to leverage the millions of dollars in development and infrastructure investment that Google has poured into each of its products. Technicians can now view their appointments in Google Calendar and make modifications from any tablet or smartphone including Android. According to Jordan, users also can take advantage of the powerful Google Route Optimization API built into the current version of Google Maps. This feature includes the ability to calculate the best possible route for an entire day’s worth of appointments allowing additional service stops, the company reports. Google Route Optimization calculates drive-time for each appointment based on weather, road and traffic conditions, all on a real-time basis.

NPMA Field Guide App


The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recently announced its new Field Guide App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Field Guide App, powered by eNex, offers users an easy way to access information on more than 200 different structural pests, with high-resolution photos and charts for confident identification. Featuring expert information on biology and control methods for more than 200 structural pests, the NPMA Field Guide App also allows PMPs to send an email about a certain pest, create individual notes, take photos, reference the glossary, browse saved files and directly contact NPMA experts through the app.

U-Trap-It Pest Management System


The U-Trap-It Pest Management System was the first pest management system to utilize barcodes to track services and simplify record keeping, the firm says. The system provides an easy-to-use, methodical approach to diligently manage pests and correct environmental deficiencies supporting their activity. It helps the user comply with audits and regulatory requirements while providing the utmost protection for food processing, pharmaceutical, health care, distribution, lodging facilities or other pest-sensitive environments. The system can handle 100 pest control devices in a plant facility or thousands of devices deployed in a city for rodent control. It also can track the services and inspections of thousands of rooms in a hotel or dormitory.



PestRoutes was designed specifically for pest control companies by a pest control company. The software has been engineered from the ground up to help PCOs increase their customer base, decrease costs and improve customer retention. PestRoutes has helped hundreds of pest control companies throughout the country save tens of thousands of dollars each year by implementing its cloud-based technology, the company reports. PCOs using PestRoutes can eliminate paper, optimize and route an entire month of appointments, complete services in the field using mobile apps and collect money from their customers. PestRoutes also offers automated reminders, powerful reporting, online customer portals/reviews and more.

RDF Software


RDF Software has released its newest version of SPCS Mobile, the mobile paperless system for the company’s Structural Pest Control System. SPCS Mobile gives service technicians all the features that are needed to eliminate paper and automate the tracking of their work, RDF Software reports. Options for entering products and payments, technician notes, capturing the customer’s signature, and printing or emailing receipts are some of the many features included in SPCS Mobile. The latest version of SPCS is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 10. RDF Software has been providing software solutions for the pest management industry since 1986.



ServicePro has released a new feature for its software ServSuite that makes it possible for users to digitally sign their forms, proposals and contracts within the software. Once a document is imported into ServSuite, the person viewing it can review it, sign it and store it in a chosen account. All documents can be archived and accessed later, sorted by time and date and by which is most important. Users can view the status of a given document and whether it’s been signed or not. This feature makes it possible for users to go paperless with forms, proposals, and contracts and store them on customers’ accounts.

Patrick Baldwin


PestWorks is online management software created by Bob Howard and Patrick Baldwin, owners of pest control company 855bugs.com. Having worked in pest control for a combined 33 years, Howard and Baldwin have utilized their knowledge and understanding of the industry to create software specifically catered to the needs of professional pest control. PestWorks was designed with the pest control industry in mind. Through the use of tools such as the Tech Dashboard, PestWorks encourages employees to keep their schedules full. Users have the ability to not only create estimates, but they also can complete and invoice jobs while they are on site, the company reports. PestWorks also is currently developing new features such as auto-pay, print-to-mail and a front owner’s dashboard to enhance the convenience of the program. 



PestPac has the tools pest management professionals need to gain better visibility in the field. A robust yet easy-to-use mobile application combined with intelligent route optimization and GPS tracking streamline communication between office workers and technicians, the firm says. Integrated reporting gives management insight into opportunities for added efficiency and decreased vehicle maintenance costs. Get a 360-view of your mobile workforce and “Wow!” your customers every time with PestPac’s intuitive, integrated mobile workforce features.