Shortly before nearly 70,000 Giants and Patriots fans converged on Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, inspectors from Homeland Security, EPA, OSHA and other federal, state and local agencies charged with safeguarding the public converged on Fumigation Service & Supply (FSS), located just 22 miles from the stadium, to ensure the company’s inventories could not be commandeered by would-be terrorists. Though this scrutiny was certainly more intense than they had experienced before, founder Dave Mueller and his team knew the drill and passed every inspection.

FSS fumigated more than 100 million bushels of grain in 2016. Back row, left to right: Quinn Schroder, Jeff Waggoner, Cory Kirby, Terry Wolford, Tom Mueller, Steven Granzow and Danny Barkley. Bottom row: Pete Mueller, Dave Mueller, Ericka Cappellin, Ryan Yutzy, Tom Eagan and Ethan Estabrook.

They haven’t built this 36-year-old company on carelessness, after all. In fact, the continuing growth of FSS — at a rate of 18 percent last year — indicates that the team’s ability to meet the rigid regulations of the fumigation business is exceptional. This discipline, Mueller points out, fuels the company’s competitive strength. “The growing pressure from state and federal regulators has made it harder than ever before to be a fumigator,” he says. “Risk, liability and insurance requirements have pushed many competitors out of the market. I’ve always felt that the more the government gets involved, the better, because it ensures that only those of us who are very serious prevail.”

FSS serves the commercial post-harvest stored products market, offering pest management to clients involved in grain storage, milling, food processing, warehousing and distribution, pharmaceuticals, and other areas. Its sister firm, Insects Limited, develops, manufactures and distributes pheromones and trapping systems. FSS is the “big hammer,” says Mueller, coming down hard on infestations, while Insects Limited is the “small hammer,” offering preventive measures.

Pete Mueller and Jeff Waggoner, who took over leadership of FSS when Dave Mueller retired in December, say they are particularly confident about the company’s future because every employee is committed to outstanding customer service.

“Our people work hard for our customers while they’re looking and even harder when they’re not,” Pete Mueller says. “We will keep hiring the best people to ensure we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and grow our business year after year.”