Every year, the companies that make the PCT Top 100 inspire the industry. They remind us how much foresight, responsibility and commitment to quality it takes to reach these kinds of heights.

But this year, more than ever before, these companies are also excelling in agility.

They’re quickly responding to emerging customer needs. Meeting regulatory requirements, even across state lines. Nurturing and growing young talent. And of course, keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Industry leaders understand that what it means to operate as a PMP is evolving, and it’s evolving fast. Changes are forcing them — and us — to work harder to keep up and get ahead. To bridge that gap, we at Univar have been supporting PMPs across a wider variety of operations, with a broader suite of business support services, and deeper knowledge across the board.

To everyone who made it on this year’s Top 100, congratulations. Your ability to see and adapt to new changes and pressures has set your businesses apart — and it shows. To everyone else, embrace change, keep your eyes forward, and you’ll find new opportunities to grow your business, too.

Trace McEuen

Vice President

Univar Environmental Sciences — Americas