Hulett Environmental Services, West Palm Beach, Fla., announced the opening of three new offices on Florida’s West Coast. In December 2018, Hulett opened locations in recently purchased/renovated buildings in North Ft. Myers and Bonita Springs, and in January the company opened a newly built office in Naples (which also serves Marco Island). Although Hulett already had a large presence in Southwest Florida — with offices in other areas of Ft. Myers and Naples — the company wanted to fill out its coverage area to include Charlotte County and points south, in order to “cut down on windshield time,” said Hulett Environmental Services Marketing Director Greg Rice.

Hulett Environmental Services also likes growth opportunities in Southwest Florida. “It’s an incredible market and we feel there is a lot of potential there, especially the new home market,” said Frank Dowling, vice president and general manager of sales and termite divisions, Hulett Environmental Services. “The overall growth on Florida’s West Coast is important to us and we want to be ahead of that trend.”

Rice added that “unlike the East Coast of Florida where land is at a premium, there is still a lot of vacant land for homebuilders and we think we can make inroads in those areas. About 1,000 people are moving to Florida per day, and a lot of those people have Florida’s West Coast as their destination.”

As the company has traditionally done, Hulett will rely on its well-known TV commercials to further build brand recognition in Southwest Florida.

Dowling added that all three offices offer residential and commercial services, but that 90 percent of the business in the new service areas is expected to be residential. — Brad Harbison