BirdBGone announced two new assets: a new website and catalog.

The company says the new website improves the overall customer experience and offers complete access to resources, including:

  • Full product offerings
  • Best-practice tips and tricks
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • BirdBGone University
  • Education videos

The fully redesigned BirdBGone catalog integrates a layout with logical, step-by-step processes for more accurate specification of bird deterrents. The product arrangement allows the reader to easily navigate and locate products, while presenting essential information in a precise format, the company says.

“Our new website and catalog have launched right in time for bird season. These assets will provide the highest-quality information for bird species identification, Authorized Installer connection, and most importantly, accurate product specification,” said David Smith, BirdBGone chief operating officer. “The BirdBGone team strives for world-class customer experience, and these resources are yet another way we will support our professional bird control providers.”



Terramera says its Cirkil Vapropad is an easy-to-use, sprayless treatment that penetrates deep using plant-based vapor action to kills bed bugs, dust mites and their eggs in as little as 24 hours. Vapropad gets deep into the cracks and crevices of items that can’t be laundered such as electronics, books, luggage, clutter, furniture and mattresses when placed inside a treatment bag.

The product is 100 percent effective when used as directed, reaches hidden areas without spraying, leaves no harmful residue, is a plant-based biopesticide, and is effective against pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and their eggs, the company says. Cirkil Vapropads are available in a Mattress Treatment (five Vapropads and one Mattress Treatment bag) or Electronics & Clutter Treatment (10 Vapropads and five Clutter Treatment bags).



Fibertrap, a micro-technology company headquartered in Holbrook, N.Y., has introduced a new bed bug trap. Fibertrap uses microfiber trapping technology to attack bed bugs’ physical traits and prevent the insect from evolving away the weakness the trap exploits. The device measures 3 by 2½ by ¾ inches and employs specific lures, appealing to three of the five senses and inviting bed bugs into the microfiber traps. As bed bugs’ legs come in contact with the cloud of microfiber, specifically tailored loop structures

entangle their legs, making them struggle and die of exhaustion, according to the manufacturer. Each of the five traps has an adhesive backing, making it possible to catch bed bugs in favored hiding places.

The product has been in development for seven years and was the brainchild of the late Glen Nelson, CEO and founder of the Matrix Realty Group, after a recurring bed bug issue plagued a New Jersey apartment building. Dr. Shan ‘Harry’ He, vice president and chief scientist at Fibertrap, explained, “We specifically designed the mechanical strength of the fiber network such that it can entangle the bed bug legs without breaking or flowing. Without the ability to move, they struggle and eventually die of exhaustion.”


Power Selling Pros

Customer service and call-handling training company Power Selling Pros announced the launch of PowerChats, an artificial intelligence-powered chat service exclusively for those serving home service industries.

Utilizing more than 10 years of knowledge of how to nurture incoming leads and create positive customer experiences, Power Selling Pros was able to create an innovative online chat service that, according to Power Selling Pros and PowerChats Founder/President Brigham Dickinson, converts web users into leads at a much higher rate than other lead-capture tools. “Our data shows that we generate more leads, positive reviews and completed chats than companies that only offer live chat,” Dickinson said. “The problem is most businesses treat their website like an empty storefront; it’s pretty, but no one is there to greet the customer. PowerChats greets the customer, captures their lead info and does so faster than other tools.”

PowerChats works by offering website visitors a user-friendly interface and a clear choice that allows them to dictate how they want to steer the chat. The company says by offering consumers the ability to choose whether they want to chat, leave a review, schedule an appointment or call the business, potential leads arrive at their desired destination or outcome in less time. This results in more completed chats, more lead information captured and happier customers, the company adds.

Power Selling Pros says the technology is versatile, with customizable interfaces and Facebook Messenger integration, among other features that all work to modernize the communication between customers and home service businesses.

“By combining our expertise in customer-service training with the technology element of an AI-powered chat service, we’re able to help companies own the customer conversation,” Dickinson said.