Trace McEuen

The landscape of companies reaching PCT’s Top 100 has never looked more different, even if familiar names stand out at the highest levels of industry achievement.

The reason is simple: as certain companies grow through mergers and acquisitions, there’s an opportunity for smaller, but equally industrious, business owners to move up the ranks.

For both routes to the Top 100, we’re seeing PMPs taking a more wholistic approach to their business practices. They’re offering customers a wider range of services and solutions, serviced by technicians who are better stocked and more thoroughly trained. Plus, these companies are using smarter technology to help employees make better use of their time.

The result? Greater customer satisfaction…and record-breaking revenue.

We’re proud to know that many of the names you see on this year’s PCT Top 100 List are business owners who’ve sat down with their Univar Solutions representatives to talk strategy. These are companies who are innovating — and growing — because they seek out new efficiencies for themselves and their customers.

To everyone on the Top 100, congratulations. Each year, Univar Solutions is pleased to acknowledge this highly successful group. We are also looking forward to recognizing the growth and successes of the smaller, innovative companies at the PCT Rising Stars event later this year.

Trace McEuen

Vice President

Univar Solutions Environmental Sciences – Americas