Insects Limited

The All Beetle Trap from Insects Limited is a sturdy polypropylene insect trap designed to catch a variety of beetles, the firm says. The All Beetle Trap Kit with Pheromone Gel Attractant has 10 complete All Beetle traps and 10 PantryPatrol Pheromone Gel packets. The All Beetle Trap consists of a clear view lid for easy inspection, a sturdy polypropylene base with multi-textured sides that allows beetles of all types access into the pitfall trap area and a removable tray that is easily replaced when filled with beetles or when new attractant is needed, Insects Limited reports. The All Beetle Trap will attract red flour beetles, confused flour beetles, cigarette beetles, warehouse beetles, rice weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles and nearly 20 other species of stored product beetles.

FMC Professional Solutions

FMC Professional Solutions announced Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide will be reintroduced to the U.S. market and made available to pest management professionals in early 2019. Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide is a multi-purpose insecticide formulated with permethrin for fast-acting, long-lasting control of fleas, termites and 75 other pests, FMC says. It will be available in a 1.25-gallon container with an attached measuring chamber for fast and convenient use.

“We are pleased to bring Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide to new customers and those who had relied on it for many years,” said Evan Parenti, FMC insecticide product marketing manager. “This valued solution has been highly rated among our customers for many years.” Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide is formulated with FMC’s SFR technology to help provide continued protection against fleas, termites, occasional invaders and other pests. Labeled for both pre- and post-construction termite control, Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide kills termites by contact and works as a repellent, preventing them from crossing treated areas. Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide features a broad, flexible label for use in and around residential and commercial structures, including schools, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and food-processing establishments.

Syngenta Syngenta says its 2019 PestPartners 365 Program reinforces the firm’s commitment to helping PMPs grow their businesses. As of Oct. 1, PMPs can begin working toward qualifying for yearlong rebates, no matter how large or small their company.

PMPs simply purchase any combination of products from the entire Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) portfolio to generate at least $200 in base rebates during the qualification period (Oct. 1, 2018-April 30, 2019). This year the program features a new, longer qualification period to give PMPs more time to make their purchases. No forms are required to redeem rebates, and PMPs will automatically receive rebates on all Syngenta purchases made during the entire program year (Oct. 1, 2018-Sept. 30, 2019).

Other program benefits include:

  • The opportunity to defer payment on select products with SummerPay terms until June 28, 2019.
  • Access to an online rebate calculator that creates sample orders to help estimate rebate savings.
  • Higher base rebates on select products to help more companies qualify.
  • Sample purchase orders that can help businesses qualify within the introductory (or “Partner”) level.

Additionally, PMPs who purchase Syngenta products to generate at least $500 in base rebates between Oct. 1 and Dec. 7, 2018, will earn a special one-time Early Order Bonus rebate.

NPD Products

NPD Products says The Boss products provide unmatched flexibility for interior and exterior spraying needs. The sprayers have the ability to perform liquid and foam treatments. All of the products in The Boss family have been designed to work as an interior and exterior application system, the firm adds.

Key features of The Boss line include:

  • Lithium Ion Battery — Provides a reliable power source lasting a full day or longer depending on the application. Shoulder, elbow and back fatigue or injuries will be reduced, NPD says, and there’s no hand pumping.
  • Battery Storage — Located between the tank and the back of the operating technician, providing easy access. The electronics are placed in this area to keep them out of direct sunlight and rain, which will cause damage within months.
  • Adjustable and Removable Shoulder Pads — Provide for a more comfortable fit for all body types and can be replaced easily from the wear and tear of everyday use.
  • Slim Line Tank — The complete design is flat and as close to your back as possible.
  • Translucent Tank — The non-pressurized tank provides a window to accurately measure chemical usage faster and easier.
  • Telescoping Extension Wand — Technicians’ height varies dramatically. In addition, certain jobs require different tools; the telescoping extension wand allows technicians to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Soft Flow Technology — Innovative Boss technology provides for a one-applicator approach for interior and exterior applications. The low-flow setting reduces the output rate to as low as 13 ounces per minute and the high-flow rate delivers 60 ounces per minute, reaching a height of 25 feet.
  • 11/16 Standard Thread — The Boss uses an industry standard 11/16-inch brass threads.
  • Extension Hoses — The Boss spray applicators provide a removable trigger gun, using dripless brass hydraulic connectors for long life. This feature allows connection to the extension hoses and the ability to spray 100 feet away from the applicator. In addition, it allows the Boss applicator to be used for all exterior power spraying in lieu of a truck-mounted sprayer, providing enhanced treatment flexibility for pest management professionals.
  • Plug and Play Repair Design — The Boss applicators have a modular design using components that snap together with nylon and push type fittings, so no wire cutting or soldering required.


EcoRaider has introduced ER-3, its next generation mosquito and pest control product. EcoRaider ER-3 is a triple-action formula that knocks down adult mosquito populations, offering spatial repellency to keep mosquitoes from an area, and kills larvae to prevent future generations, the firm says. EcoRaider ER-3 is a green, 25b exempt product that does not require spray notifications. This formula is effective, yet green and non-toxic for children, pets and wildlife, according to the manufacturer.

EcoRaider ER-3 can be diluted down to 4-8 ounce per finished gallon and used for triple action mosquito treatment as well as other dilution ratios — for general pest control purposes. Pest management professionals can use EcoRaider ER-3 to treat for special events such as outdoor parties, weddings, festivals and more. As a triple-action formula, EcoRaider ER-3 reduces treatment times, delivers lasting spatial repellency, and provides cost-efficient results in one treatment, the manufacturer reports.


AMVAC Chemical Corporation announced the launch of its new customer-facing website, The website design includes a robust search function for the company’s complete line of products, distributors and field representatives, as well as marketing and sales campaigns and product promotions.

Market pages for pest and vector control, turf and application technology, and agriculture provide product information, how to purchase products, news and promotions. Product search functions are specifically tailored to each market, which allows users to find products by region and category or by crop and insect. Product pages also feature access to labels, photos, videos and other instructional materials, providing a valuable educational resource for PMPs.

Additional enhancements include ‘Find a Retailer’ and ‘Find a Field Rep’ capabilities, which generate quick links to local contact information for pest management professionals.