Ed Sheehan

Colony Pest Management’s Ed Sheehan, a Brooklyn PMP with 48 years of experience, is one of the stars of an upcoming documentary “RATS” from acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

A review of the program from the Hollywood Reporter has this to say about Sheehan’s performance: “Knowing a gem when he finds one, Spurlock punctuates his globe-spanning narrative with sit-downs in a dark basement, where cigar-smoking tough guy Ed Sheehan, a Brooklyn exterminator for 49 years, tells us what he’s learned. Sheehan is as magnetic an interviewee as a filmmaker could want, dishing out hard truths about rats.”

The Discovery Channel acquired the TV rights to the film and will broadcast it on Oct. 22.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Spurlock said the thing he finds most troublesome about rats is the diseases they carry. “We made a fantastic horror documentary that will scare you and enlighten you, but entertain you the way a movie should,” Spurlock said. “The idea that docs should only be mission-driven is a misnomer.”

Spurlock was nominated for an Academy Award for his documentary “Super Size Me.”

Visit http://bit.ly/2czda19 to watch a trailer from “RATS.”

Clinton (Cockroach) Wins!

NJPMA’s clinic included educational sessions and was highlighted by races featuring cockroaches representing this year’s Presidential candidates.

The New Jersey Pest Management Association in August hosted its annual “Cockroach Derby,” one of the highlights of the annual NJPMA clinic, trade show and clambake. Now in its 18th year, this lunch-hour race offered a fun diversion for the more than 500 pest management professionals attend-ing a full day of educational seminars led by leading pest management experts.

This year, Cockroach Clinton beat Cockroach Trump. (The NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education filmed the race. Watch the video.)

The cockroach derby has been run for the past 18 years.

Race History. Past NJPMA cockroach derbies have been used to predict presidential election results with 84 percent accuracy — but there have been some controversies. In the Clinton vs. Bush derby, for example, the Bush cockroach had to be disqualified since it took flight and was last seen veering off to the right. In the Bush vs. Gore race, the Gore cockroach appeared to have won by barely an antennae’s length, but little did we know at the time that it would mirror the actual election process — obviously, the cockroaches were as confused about the Electoral College process and dangling chads as was the American public.

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