Oct. 26: University of Georgia Getting the Best of Pests Webinar Series on flies. Contact: www.gabugs.uga.edu or call 770/233-6114.

Nov. 1-4: BedBug University Boot Camp, Lawrenceville, N.J. Contact: www.bedbugcentral.com/professionals/bed-bug-boot-camp.

Nov. 6-8: Pennsylvania Pest Management Association’s Annual Conference, Lancaster, Pa. Contact: www.papmaonline.org, 800/842-9090 or cwright@versantstrategies.net.

Nov. 8-10: 46th annual University of Kentucky Pest Control Short Course, Lexington, Ky. Contact: www.kyshortcourse.org or Darlene Thorpe, 859/257-5955, dthorpe@uky.edu.

Nov. 10-11: 2016 Iowa Pest Management Association Meeting, Altoona, Iowa. Contact: 515/708-6078 or http://iowapest.org.

Nov. 11: Bug Off Pest Control Center’s New York Pest Expo, George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel, Fort Lee, N.J. Contact: www.bugoffpccenter.com or 212/781-2304.

Dec. 1-2: Global Bed Bug Summit, Indianapolis. Contact: NPMA, 703/352-6762 or visit www.npmapestworld.org.

Dec. 6-8: KPCA/MPMA Conference & Exhibition, Riverside, Mo. Contact: 785/271-9220, kansaspest@yahoo.com or www.kpcaeducation.com.

Dec. 6-8: Ohio Pest Management Association Winter Meeting, Training and Tradeshow, Marriott Hotel, Dublin, Ohio. Contact: www.ohiopma.org.

Dec. 6-8: Coalmarch Productions’ CO2 conference for PCOs and LCOs, Raleigh, N.C. Contact: http://coalcon.coalmarch.com.

Dec. 7: University of Georgia Getting the Best of Pests Webinar Series on bed bugs and blattellids. Contact: See Oct. 26.