Gardner Products

The RG-1002 Insect Electrocutor from Gardner Products is designed for wall or corner mount positions inside buildings with flying insect problems. This light emits light in all directions because of the openings on the side and front. In addition, with the grid placed on the door, this design makes it easy to clean and effectively trap and kill flying insects, the manufacturer says. The angled rear design of the RG-1002 allows the light trap to fit into tight corner locations. When vertically mounted 1 to 2 feet above the floor, the 48-inch UV insect light shines just above the floor area where flying insects are most active. This light trap is available in white and aluminized steel. Other features include:

  • Grid on door for effective and easy cleaning
  • Removable catch tray
  • UV light output: 80 watts (two 40-watt bulbs)
  • UL Listed: 115v/60hz, with 6-foot cord
  • Dimensions: 14 inches wide by 57 inches high by 5½ inches deep
  • Three-year warranty

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier recently introduced Bird Barrier Optical Gel. The gel is a multisensory deterrent gel that comes in pre-filled dishes ready to be positioned with a small application of silicone. Bird Barrier says Optical Gel is a harmless, non-toxic, low-profile bird repellent that provides a versatile solution to problems where traditional bird control methods may not be applicable. Optical Gel is “green” — its ingredients are included on the EPA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list — so it is qualified under FIFRA 25(b) exempt ingredients status.

Optical Gel deters all bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses, Bird Barrier says. First, the material emits UV light to make it appear as a flame to approaching birds. They see the flame and avoid the area. At the same time, Optical Gel contains citronella and peppermint oil, which are mild and pleasant to humans, but offensive to birds. These scents mask the pheromones that birds use to identify their home. For the most stubborn birds, Optical Gel is sticky and will make any perch unpleasant should they choose to touch or stand on the product.

According to the manufacturer, Optical Gel is great for tricky applications where there are few options available, such as window-mounted AC units, roll-up doors, balconies, signs, or nooks and crannies like under a corrugated roof. It is also effective against woodpeckers on vertical surfaces. And it’s an ideal alternative to mechanical devices that might interfere with moving equipment or access, Bird Barrier reports. Optical Gel will solve problems in areas that are sensitive to electric devices, such as refineries or grain-processing plants. Optical Gel is ideal for clients that may be opposed to other, more permanent bird control devices, the firm says.

Because it is not a mechanical device made of metal or plastic, it is expected to last between two and four years, depending on weather and other environmental factors.


Thermal Remediation electric bed bug heat treatment equipment is an effective solution designed specifically for the needs of pest control professionals, the firm says. A variety of Thermal Remediation equipment packages are available ranging from portable heater packages to all-in-one truck and trailer packages that include an on-board generator. Each package can be customized based on the PMP’s unique needs with 100+ equipment options to choose from. The company’s complete equipment packages include all of the components necessary to control the application of heat, monitor in real time and manage air flow to achieve damage-free results. Equipment packages are assembled by Temp-Air in the United States.

J.F. Oakes

The Advantage Flying Insect Trap is now available in a new UV blue color from J.F. Oakes. The firm says recent research by university scientists and the American Journal of Bioscience confirms a UV blue color attracts up to three times more flies than yellow or other colors.

The company says the Advantage Flying Insect Trap is the same durable, re-usable trap, with J.F. Oakes’ unique “chimney effect,” but now in a UV blue color that is more attractive to flies.


To help PMPs halt the development of insects in a wider variety of places, Archer insect growth regulator from Syngenta is now approved for use in food-handling establishments. This expanded use provides PMPs with an additional way to use Archer as a solution for residential and commercial pest control needs, indoors and outdoors, the company says.

“When pests find their way into locations containing food sources, they can multiply quickly,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for Professional Pest Management for Syngenta in North America. “With the enhanced food-handling label for Archer, PMPs can now expect to see the same great population-control results from the product in more situations where food is handled.”

Archer interrupts the development of juvenile stages of targeted insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, litter beetles and flying insects to prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults. In addition to food and nonfood storage and preparation establishments, it also can be used indoors, around buildings, in moist breeding areas (such as mulch or bedding), and in standing water found in gutters, drains and pools.

Outdoors, Archer can be paired with Demand CS insecticide to control mosquitoes as part of the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program and fleas and ticks as part of the SecureChoice Flea and Tick Assurance Program. The Demand CS + Archer Multipak, which serves as the foundation for both programs, also can provide pest management professionals with a significant reduction in mosquito, flea, tick and other pest populations, Syngenta reports.