National attention on insect-borne viruses has had a substantial impact on pest management in 2016. Increased awareness of the Zika virus has propelled mosquito control to the forefront of customer concerns. Meanwhile, other insect-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, have been less publicized, but still pose a growing threat to public health. Despite these challenges, we at Syngenta continue to be impressed by this industry’s commitment to helping ensure pest-free environments.

As 2016 draws to a close, Syngenta and Pest Control Technology are excited to announce this year’s winners of the Crown Leadership Awards. Our partnership, which has spanned 28 years, recognizes extraordinary individuals who have made substantial achievements in the pest management industry. Additionally, we will be announcing the third annual Lifetime Achievement Award winner, who has been chosen by industry peers for his or her outstanding accomplishments in pest management.

Syngenta and Pest Control Technology would like to congratulate the Class of 2016 Crown Leadership Award winners: Michael Botha, Big Sky Pest Solutions; Adam Jones, Massey Services; Dennis Judy, Allgood Pest Solutions; Dr. Shripat Kamble, University of Nebraska; Scott McNeely, McNeely Pest Control; and Tom Myers, All-Rite Pest Control. These winners have demonstrated exceptional leadership, perseverance and diligence that have positively impacted customers, businesses and the industry as a whole. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner will be announced during the Crown Leadership Awards ceremony at PestWorld.

In 2016, Syngenta has also been working behind the scenes to continue developing pest control solutions for the pest management industry. In addition to the yearlong rebates offered through our PestPartners™ 365 Program, we continued the SecureChoice™ Mosquito Assurance Program for the second year, which provides up to 60 days of mosquito control. To further address public health concerns caused by pests, we also introduced the SecureChoice Flea and Tick Assurance Program this summer, which guarantees up to 90 days of outdoor flea and tick control. All the while, we’re still offering the brands you know and trust, such as Demand® CS insecticide and the Advion® insecticide brand family, while simultaneously investing in research and development for new innovations in the pipeline. Conditions are always changing, but we’re committed to providing steady support so your businesses can grow and succeed.

Again, congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 Crown Leadership Awards! We are proud to honor these individuals, who play a vital role in helping their customers conduct their lives uninterrupted by the threat and nuisance of pests.

Pat Willenbrock

Head of Marketing, Professional Pest Management

Syngenta, North America

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