It’s awesome when you get an unexpected bonus. When it happens twice in a year…well, you must be living right.

But for pest management professionals (PMPs) who use Syngenta products, this is business as usual. The company’s PestPartners 365 Program — the only loyalty program of its kind in the industry — rewards PMPs twice yearly for purchasing qualifying products for the professional pest market.

“Because of the rewards, I’m able to do more for my employees like hosting a yearly deep-sea fishing tournament, family pool party and holiday gala,” said Phil Hadley, the former owner of Naples, Florida-based Collier Pest Control, recently acquired by Hulett Environmental Services. The rebate even covers the cost of a four-day cruise, the grand prize at the company’s holiday party. “The rewards help us give back to employees to show them that we appreciate them.”

Participating in the program is easy. Simply purchase qualifying Syngenta products from an authorized distributor. Purchases made during the six-month qualifying period let you lock in one of five escalating rebate levels that is then applied to purchases for the entire year. You don’t even need to sign up or track what you buy — Syngenta does this through its distributor partners.

“Not only can you skip waiting on the ‘deal-of-the-day’ or stockpiling a year’s supply of product to get the best price, but you aren’t limited to what you can buy since you can choose from the entire Syngenta product portfolio,” said Blake Blackwell, marketing programs lead for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta in North America.

“You just buy the products you usually use and maybe some new ones you want to try,” said Hadley. “All of them help you qualify for rebate levels and earn rewards and discounts.”

The more you buy, the more you save. “If you only buy a few products, you get a reward that’s smaller,” explained Hadley. “If you buy a lot of products, your reward is bigger. And when you get to different (base rebate) levels, your percentage rate (of savings) increases, too,” he said.

Manage cash flow easier. “You know exactly what you’re earning on these products for the entire program year, which allows you to plan your purchases much better,” said Blackwell.

Syngenta even offers SummerPay terms on select products like the Demand® CS insecticide Master Shipper and the Tandem® insecticide 2-quart bottle. If you purchase these products now through March 31, 2017, payment isn’t due until July 6, 2017, when the season is busier and cash flow is better for most PMPs.

“You can take the product when you need it and you can plan for the payment; there are some options and flexibility there,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for PPM at Syngenta in North America.

Syngenta is adding to the number of products with SummerPay extended payment terms and year-long pricing, an offering that has been popular (products with SummerPay terms are in the box at bottom left).

New for 2017: more control. To better align with the seasonal nature of the industry and build greater purchase flexibility across the calendar years, the 2017 PestPartners 365 Program will shift from a calendar to a market year, running from October 2016 to September 2017 (the 2016 program ended early on September 30, 2016, to allow for this change).

Purchases made from October 2016 to March 2017 will determine your qualifying rebate level, appealing to PMPs who like to buy products before year-end as well as to those who prefer to wait until spring. The second rebate check will be distributed in the fall, so you can use it to buy products in the fourth quarter should you choose.

Order early — get a bonus. In addition to the rebates described above, Syngenta is also offering an exciting Early Order Bonus this fall. PMPs who qualify for $500 or more rebate dollars by December 7, 2016, will receive a one-time bonus check in the early spring of 2017 — a nice way to help cash flow before the season starts in full. See the table at left for Early Order Bonus amounts per rebate dollars. The more you order early, the more your bonus can be.

Handy resources. Syngenta offers tons of support to help PMPs take full advantage of the PestPartners 365 Program, from an easy-to-use rebate calculator and worksheets on, to territory managers and distributor reps who can help you create a purchasing plan that makes sense for the business and maximizes your rebate.

On, you can subscribe to email updates, which will alert you when you’ve qualified or are close to qualifying for rebate levels, as well as give you access to the latest technical articles and product news to help you solve challenging pest problems. “We’re always listening to our customers,” Willenbrock said. “We want their feedback and are always looking to continuously improve so we can help them grow their businesses.”

For more information about the PestPartners 365 Program, visit or contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

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