Ryan Neff, Ph.D. West Coast Technical Field Specialist
1. Is it true that if you kill the queen you kill the colony?

In single-queen species, like carpenter ants, if you kill the queen, the colony will collapse. In multi-queen species, like Argentine and odorous house ants, it’s not that simple. These species have multiple queens spread across numerous satellite colonies, sometimes throughout entire neighborhoods. The goal for multi-queen species is to eliminate as many nests as possible, which is accomplished using non-repellent sprays and baits.

2. What do I do if ants are not active inside during my inspection?

All too often, PMPs are called back to treat for indoor ants, only to find that the homeowner has wiped away trailing ants or treated with an over-the-counter product. Have the homeowner pre-bait the ants by placing an attractive food source in a discreet location, if they are willing. When you arrive, replace the food with an ant bait. Because ants are already assembling in the area, this approach will move more bait through the colony.

3. What is the hardest ant to control?

Tawny crazy ants. In heavily infested areas, their colony size is unlike any other I have encountered, including large Argentine ant colonies. Bad infestations can number in the tens of millions and require an absurd amount of material to control. After various field trials, we found that the most effective way to control them is a barrier treatment application followed by a broadcast treatment with a non-repellent.

4. Should I use a repellent or non-repellent for ants?

Non-repellents are preferred in most situations. They allow a greater number of ants to encounter the product before killing them, which is particularly important for large colonies. Non-repellents also work well in combination with baits to reach nests that might not be visible.

5. What makes Sumari® Insecticide unique?

Sumari has the distinct ability to deliver 90 days of ant control outdoors. Its broad label allows for both interior and exterior applications, including outdoor broadcast. Sumari is also effective against fleas and German cockroaches. The product includes a full dose of NyGuard® IGR at the low rate, eliminating the need to add one when treating for those pests.